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  1. 33 Vs 32

    Same here. See tonnes more R33's in Brisbane.
  2. Well in 6 months its new car timefor me, so pretty much just researching for now. Just after more info on the swap aswell as more on the VGS13 as said in first post.
  3. Thanks for the replies so far guys. Update: The cars place of build up is called TCP AUTO. Plates are VGS13 Any more info? Hearing mixed opinions from everyone... hmmm
  4. I'd been thinking about this swap for a while now and today I went to the Fast Fours Jamboree and saw it! A shop called TCP Auto from Slacks Creek (QLD) built up a silvia with the VG. Plates were VGS13. It looked the goods and, according to one of the guys at the trade stand, its made 920HP at the treads. Anyway i was just wanting to know if anyone has any links to articles or any knowledge they'd like to share about the swap eg: difficulties, which gearbox to used etc. Any more info on the TCP AUTO S13 / [VGS13] would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. (will post pics if i find them - its a goldish colour with black gtst wheels)
  5. Check the belt out. If there are breaks in the belt grooves (length-wise) -> replace it. If there are no splits/signs of wear -> Tighten it and/or get some Belt Grip spray. WD40 won't help at all - WD40 just cleans, displaces moisture and lubricates - you want it to grip - not slip!