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  1. Sorry Mark cant make it bro! Wanted to for ur return, but will be in Japan. Phil.
  2. People up for a cruise

    Ol Stephens back aye! Let me know if ur going bro! Phil.
  3. new car..

    Yeah i noe u been looking Marky! But ur now back into the same thing jus newer pretty much. Im only saying this as i was looking forward to seeing ur V35. *** on another note. George! Tell me thats ur car in ur avatar with Advan RS's on it. Im getting those for my car in gold, as they dont have bronze. have u got pics up on a site? Phil.
  4. this is blasphemy

    Man LOTR was nothing compared to all the other epics. Braveheart set the standards. Phil.
  5. new car..

    Nooooooooo! Your kidding Marky! What happened to Class???? You sureeee........?????? Sureeee.......???? Nah good to hear your gonna be back on the road. Phil.
  6. delete please

    Oh no bad Andrew. I dont think its a requirement to tell you his name or where he is from. Plus he's undercover so he prob thinks he's better than the rest. I havent heard about defect notices via mail but definately epa notices to get ur exhaust tested. which is wat he said to u anyways. Phil.
  7. Damn i wish i still had my 180. SLY18E represent yo! I may come with the GT. But then again i may not be recovered from Futureeeee Music.....! Will try to come to the meetup but definately out for the cruise. Phil.
  8. Nice bike Jase. My bro got exactly the same one. It will be mine once i get off my arse and get a licence for it. 98 aus spec with 18K on it. Stock as a rock. Got it very very cheap. Wait till i get my licence man then I'll give ya a buzz to go riding wif me boys. Phil.
  9. MANIC @ homebush

    Hahaha nah wasnt serious. PM me your number incase I change my mind. Im 50/50 atm. Still at work and very tired, and my mates bought me the ticket. Phil.
  10. Future Music Festival 07

    Im already lining up! Phil.
  11. MANIC @ homebush

    Ok, $120 each. Phil.
  12. Happy new year

    I agree! Happy new years! Phil.

    I'll drop by to the next local bunnings meet up with my new ride. Phil.

    Drove past all u hoons around 7:30ish. I was wondering why all these nissans were around, then realised u guys had a meet up. I was in EVL513. Bren your car looks hot! and FAT! Phil.

    Huh? I dont get it. Phil.