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    You can find them on our site at : www.hypergearturbos.com under ATR28SS page. thanks heaps!!

    awesome sounds to easy, ill save some dosh and go for it!! hopefully i can get a lot furhter ive got earls braided lines on already, snapped an oil line last time, so it shouldnt be too bad.. if anyone know someone selling one of these atr28ss2 or something similar send them my way!!!

    had a bit of a read on it bro it seems pretty sweet!! does it bolt straight up to the t25 flange? so not keen to rip the turbo off again... absolute prick of a job!

    oh really thats a bit gay, only had this turbo on there for about 10 000 k's, ill just look at upgrading the turbo and staying on 98 in that case, i would love to get close to the 300rwkw mark with poncams and either a bigger turbo or e85.... looks like going bigger on the turbo will be the way to go

    I'm just running a flash tune through unigroup engineering sydney. I've been thinking about giving power tune a run and just see what they recommend, if im going to have to change fuel pump and injectors again I might just stick to 98 for a while...

    deffinitely will be going this way then!!! just spent the last couple of hours sussing out E85 aswell....... i should NOT be aloud near computers, to many bright ideas! while while im at it, any of you fellas know if my set up will support e85?

    cheers for that, ill invest on pay day there pretty cheap! hopefully the retune isnt to expensive either

    shit yea i was hoping to hear something like this!!! I want around the 250 mark, how does your gearbox hold up to it? my 4th is a bit crunchy lol. what else have you done out of curiosity? early xmas present is looking good

    Hey guys!! finally decided to go a bit further and throw some camshafts in but im not sure what to get! Ive done a bit of looking around and im not sure whats more worth it, should i go stage one and if so will i have to worry about springs? Or just go stage 2 and do springs and a metal head gasket. Not sure what power difference there is between the them and whats more worth it..... So far ive done; GT2860RS 740cc nismo injectors greddy intercooler walbro 255 saard FPR Greddy boost controller had it dyno tuned at 220rwkw on 20psi and want a bit more out of it without spending crazy coin... apprentice life sucks, will the stock block/gearbox hold up? (6 speed)
  10. 2006 Ford Falcon Xr6t Bf - $10,000

    hey mate is this still for sale??
  11. blowing smoke after dyno?

    sorry for late reply guys ive been away for work smokes black so its just over fuelling, got the tune done at unigroup engineering sydney because a friend told me they did a really good job on his car he told me the sensor wasnt working so he just turned it off in the computer and tuned without. it only really does it when im feeding her but not sure if i should get a retune with a new ecm or just do the 02 sensor?
  12. So I had my car tuned on the dyno just off a piggy back and ever since its been blowing some decent smoke when i feed it. I know the 02 sensor isnt working but it wasnt working before the tune either, could this be the only problem or am i looking at more over fueling issue from the dyno?? shes got a disco potato and 740cc injectors. any ideas?
  13. sr20det engine tick?

    yeah i was thinking vct or one of the rockers playing up there hydraulic yeah? nah man its not the belts ive checked them and changed one its a little worryingbut it doesnt affect the car at all...
  14. ok so ive got a sr20det in my s15 and its started making a ticking noise that goes faster and slower with engine rpm.. im not sure exactly what it would be because it doesnt happen when the engines cold and starts and stops randomly... has anyone else had this problem before?? the only things i could thik of was the rockers obviously but wouldnt that tick more when its cold because of larger clearances? Or the VVL... any help would be great cheers!!!
  15. s15 exhaust options....

    im running a full hurricane 3' system with high flow cats, it sits a little bit low but not to much lower then the underbelly of the car (about 10 mm or so) its loud when its on boost but just cruising in low rpm its just a sleight buzz. im making 230rwkw after just having my tune done running a gt2860rs 740cc injectors and a front mount..