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  1. Good Day! I have acquired some Recaro SR3s! Now I have to ask - what seat rails are people running specifically? I looked on the intertubes and supposedly Bride RX will fit directly onto an SR3, and bolt straight into an s14 200sx! Great! Except they are discontinued. I believe Bride RO are the replacement for RX and are the same deal fitting onto SR3s. They have a lot of cars on their compatability list, but no S14/S15. Only a few nissans. I'm always googling trying to find others that will fit. Thought i'd ask here for first hand advice from anyone who has mounted these/any seats etc. These are the first aftermarket seats/rails I have attempted to put in a car. The goal is to be as low as possible, obviously. I'm open to ideas. Here is a blurry iphone 4 photo http://i.imgur.com/nOkvJgo
  2. I've been on the lookout for some SR4 or SR3 (I dont mind which one, because i've sat in both since the suggestions and yeah.) But my mate knows someone selling Evo 8 Recaros on Bride Low Rails. Now I can remember somewhere I got the idea that the evo 8 seats sit higher than the other Recaros. Just wondering if that is indeed correct? Because as said before, the Mrs has a Ralliart Colt and I love those seats (they are evo seats). So if these will sit me as low as SR3/4's I think i'll give these a shot. Edit: Just thought about it - Evo seats wont have the quick collapse thing to get into the back... So i'm gonna give it a miss regardless sorry for useless post revival.
  3. Well you and another guy have said Recaros are good, so im keen to have a look around for some that would suit my needs. Do you know the name of your seat etc? Any help would be good. And about the friend who had his insurance situation NRMade into a headache, he was just happy it was over. His whole family, and extended family cancelled any form of insurance with them. They lost a whole lot more than 15k due to them f**king around with it. Rough. So do you think its a bit of some people are more leniant than others? This is awesome news. Do you know the name of the seat you had? The Mrs. has a Ralliart Colt which have the Evo recaros, and I love them. Hey I was tempted by an '06 STI as well! haha. I will try and keep this updated when it goes ahead!
  4. Because I can fit with some gangster lean on the seat, but it only starts to annoy me after a while, not straight away. Thanks for the links, i'll check them out. I want to stick to Recliner since I dont want to have to register my car as a 2 seater. Yes, I understand and agree completely. This is why I have not gone out and bought a very affordable Rep bride or something. They will definitely sit me low enough, but whats the point of sitting low if you're disabled or dead? The insurance thing is my more paranoid side say for a minor accident. Ah ok. Like I said ive been super paranoid of Insurance companies trying to get out of shit since my mate had someone understeer into him on a hairpin corner and write off his S15. He saw it coming and stopped, in his lane, 100% legal etc etc. The insurance company then sent a private investigator out and split up his family and asked questions seperately and stuff... didnt pay him out for about 3 months whilst this 'investigation' went on. So i'm just trying to not give them any amunition really. The rest of my car is engineered and all the boxes ticked. Yes this is the next battle. But cant you get some rails engineered? Say If a custom rail is made - then get it signed off by an engineer for maximum legality love? Thanks for your replies people. Appreciate your time to answer another thread like this.
  5. Yes I used the search, and they were all dated or unuseful so I thought i'd ask in my own thread and get ignored by the masses. I have an S14 with a Sunroof. I am 189cm and find to sit in my seat I have to have the chair back towards the angle of a Dentist chair in order to sit in the car. This gives me back pain and headaches as it's my long distance daily driver. I want to know if there is an ADR Recliner chair that will not kill me in a crash (Replica seats). I'd just get a genuine bride or something and swap back if i ever got defected and be happy, But im super paranoid about being in an accident and not being covered by insurance if they picked up that the seat was not ADR or some bull sheet like that. You just never know when a crash is coming, it's not up to you sometimes. 32 GTR seats sit lower? I only need an extra inch or something i swear.... Is there an easy enough modification to do to the stock s14 seats to get the driver side lower? Dont want to sell the s14, but I will if no suitable seats exist. Over it.... tl;dr - ADR Reclinable seats that will sit me lower and are actually safe, do they exist? or another ADR alternative.
  6. Kouki Loveee!

    Love the car. Looked perfect. Shame you sold it! But onwards and upwards i guess! Im gonna be that guy, there is one in every thread and i appologise for it, but whats the name of that roof spoiler? Im in love and require one all up in my life....
  7. R33 steering wheel

    I have a 200sx S15 steering wheel, and a Series 1 S14 200sx Luxury (Two air bags). I'm wondering if the s15 steering wheel will fit my Luxury s1 s14.... I havent taken off the wheel yet to see if the steering module is in the wheel or not - too chicken shit, dont want to break my nose via deployment. Waiting for mechanic friend to baby me through it. haha.
  8. Hey, I was wondering the maximum the series 1 S14 200sx standard injectors can take without damaging/failing? I currently have 810cc DeatschWerks Injectors and we are having trouble with tuning them because the Dead Times on the site do not seem to work well, and the box came with no chart. (Bought 2nd hand unopened off a mate who decided to go RB25 instead) ( http://www.deatschwerks.com/products/fuel-injectors/sport-compact/nissan/240sx/1991-98-240sx/01j-00-0810-4-detail ) Previous owner said the car makes 220kw when i got the car a year ago roughly, but that was with a Power FC, and since i am changing to Haltech PS1000 I'd be losing a few killer wasps because no VCT right? Basic mods are Garret GT2871R, Turbo back exhaust, FMIC, Sard Fuel Pressure Reg. It has standard coil packs. By your internet knowledge and wild know-how, would putting the standard injectors in be a wise, or silly move? I have a set sitting there waiting. Sorry if this is a dumb thread. Just googling anything to do with stock part specs for these cars returns nothing but aftermarket information about things to replace stock parts.
  9. I would be willing to wager on this. How many times do they hear "It was like that when i got it officer!". Do they have a way to tell when the rego was swapped over in their cars? Perhaps it's also to see if you will tell the truth or not.
  10. Easiest way to identify Injectors

    Hate to bump this again, but any help is appreciated. I've looked at pictures of the nismo and other brand yellow injectors and the clips point to it being Sard ones. Ive decided that my injectors must be 650cc side feed Sard ones. Due to this graph. https://www.sard.co.jp/after_eng/products/engine/injector/injector_hanyou.html Now, It tells me the dead time is 1.50ms, but ive been told that isnt enough and need to find dead times at different voltages. I've found heaps of other brands voltage graphs but it seems to be an endless search for me. I've tried the phrases Dead time, latency, and lag time, lag, all that. I did infact go into the injection menu on my PowerFC and found the previous owner has it set to 65% +0.04ms on all 4 cyls. I have no idea if im right, But i assume the wrong dead time can make a car leaner or richer. Now the whole reason I went a new ECU, was because the car is running quite incredibly rich. When it sits on 20psi there is rich, thick black smoke cycloning out the back of my car. I was going to tune it to see if that fixed it. Hypothetically(and if my assumptions are correct), if my injectors needed a dead timer of 1.5ms and they currently are set to 0.4ms, would that make my car richer or leaner? tl;dr: Can someone help me find some Sard 650cc side feed dead time graphs, the one that shows specific voltage readings. Sorry if anything in my post does not make sense, I am but a wee Lass when it comes to all this. If you need more clarification please yell at me.
  11. Hey, I have an aus spec s14 series 1 Luxury (Driver and passenger air bags) which has a ratty, worn steering wheel. I have to wash my hands after driving or they will be black for hours. I was wondering if it was possible to put an Aus Spec S15 steering wheel in my car. Physically I have no doubts it'll fit, but will the air bag deploy when the time comes? I think S15's are dual air bagged, so is it the same controller under the dash for my car and the later dual air bag models? Will it deploy it? Even an S14a wheel. I just hate the fat looking S1 steering wheel, so i dont want to buy a new S1 wheel, but am keen on an 'oem upgrade'. I've had a few people saying it will, and a few saying it wont work out, so i'd like some feedback if you have experience or knowledge in this topic. Thanks people.
  12. Easiest way to identify Injectors

    Nah, Power FC is still running it since we only had about 40 mins to dick around with Haltech. He personally hasnt used power FC before, and I havent either. Also my Hand controller only works every 3rd day... But thanks for the idea! I'll have a look how to do that.
  13. Easiest way to identify Injectors

    Yeah it has a Power FC. We were doing guess work prior to me googling about injector colours, but we didnt try 550cc. He also said it would be good to find out the exact injectors because he needs dead times, but working off the assumption they are nismo 550cc injectors I guess i can find out that and put it in and see how it goes... I'm fairly sure It would be those injectors. My car has all the basic mods done, nothing crazy. It was his daily for years prior to me. Edit: If anyone has information on these nismo 555cc dead times it would be greatly appreciated, I think im bad at google today.
  14. Hey Guys, I recently bought an Aus spec S14 Series 1. The previous owner told me it has "Bigger Injectors" but he himself didnt know how big they were. I didnt think too much of it really, until i bought a Haltech PS1000 and tried to tune it. First question that was asked "How big are the injectors?" Nfi. So, my question is: Is there an easy way to identify the injectors without physically pulling them out? The ones in there are currently yellow, which leads me to believe they are 555cc Nismo injectors. I can see the one that feeds the first Cylinder, it has a little half C shoe holding it in place (forgive me im no Mechanic). Is it easy to just undo that clamp shoe thing to see the serial number then google it? Or does the Intake have to come off? Is there a chance there are different commonly used yellow colour injector upgrade? If i can avoid pulling off stuff from the engine to get to it, I'd rather do that due to laziness, but if it has to be done, then I shall. Thanks.
  15. Posting here to save making another topic. I'm sure it will work going off the above posts, but I want to see if someone with more knowledge can confirm. I have a Aus spec 200sx s14 series 1. I want to install an Aus spec s15 steering wheel. I have Passenger and driver Air bag. Will it be a straight fit? Plug in and still work etc?