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  1. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Dude, I've seen some seeling Threads from you, did u stop this project or what happened?
  2. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    Yeah I think so, too. And your profile pic just fits too well
  3. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    So the engine is finally getting in shape for being swapped And a filtered pic
  4. How is the delivery and service from JSAI? I've read alot of shittalk on the forums about him, people not getting their items and no answers, but those are real old posts. Is it better? I actually don't get answers myself, so I'm not sure if I want to buy things there...
  5. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    ahhh, I overread the "designed for" but used on R34 Properly reading might help sometimes ^^ Okay, where do I get those? Just in case I'll ever gonna need them?
  6. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    I think I don't get what you mean? I was trying to use my R34 subframe, so its all RB in my case. RB engine on RB frame. Why do I need SR subframe? You used R32 subframe didn't you? As far as I could tell from you thread the engine sits quite low? @OHN.050: So no RB swap kit into S15 from those guys?
  7. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    I know man, I'm constantly following your Thread (subscribed) and got a lot of ideas from there. Really like your car and build! @OHN.050: I've heard a lot about those kits. But don't you need like a special subframe for it? Or are they for use with the S15 stock subframe? I was going to try my R34 subframe.
  8. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    Finally! After months of not doing shit I managed to find a place to park the car and get some modifications done to it Also there has been some progress on the engine: Cosworth power Twinscroll manifold Further progress, color coming out nicely I think Really eager to hear those I've also stripped the interior a lot, needs some cleaning. Got no pictures atm but I will deliver. Got 2 RECARO Seats and some seat rails. Seats will be covered in leather and some nice stitches, but that will take a few weeks from now. Next step then is to get in the TEIN. Lookin for some cheap wheels while the car is built, since my Rotas from the skyline wont fit under the car :/ When the car is done and widened I'll go for concave concepts. But since I don't know the final width and wheel dimensions I'm not going to buy them for now.
  9. Sounds like an idea. Who does provide cheap copies of vertex? Got any names?
  10. You got me there. The Garage mak are put on aswell, yes... Well I call everything an overfender which is wider than original and bigger than just a flared wheelarch, so it is an overfender, isn't it? The problem here is, I could go for the vertex rear (since I have it up front) but I have no idea how that would look like on the varietta. I could only hope it looks right This is also a varietta with widefenders I found which looks quite nice. Sadly I've no idea what fenders those are or where to get them. Might aswell be custom.
  11. Not yet, I'm going to buy concave concepts. @pmod: What do you mean by "regular s15 rear overfenders"? And I hate the flared fenders. Looks so put on. If I want something that looks put on I'll take the screwed in fenders like the garage mak
  12. Please try to answer my last comment about the widefenders
  13. Does anyone know how much wider (measurements) the mak rear is per side? Same for the vertex ridge front fenders?
  14. Special offset question here I've got a S15 (Varietta). So the stock offsets everybody uses are 18x9,5 +20 am I right? I wanna buy concave concepts but they are only available in 18x9 or 18x10. So what offset would be identical on 18x10 compared to 18x9,5? The problem here is I want to put a widebody kit on the car but still a ligned up offset. It will be vertex ridge up front and garage mak rear fender. Am I right in thinking that the size of the widefenders decreases my offset value? What I mean is: If the fender adds 20mm to the cars width (per side), a wheel which had fit perfectly before with a +30 offset now has to be a +10 offset to fit sweet?
  15. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Small and simple question: What rims are those actually? I've seen them sometimes on s15s, but no idea what brand and model that is?