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  1. Engine was run in properly following directions from my mechanic and from run in procedures researched online. I agree I think its oil vapour and not smoke, I will change the breather filter to one that doesn't have a hole in it and see if that stops the vapour coming out. Also can the PCV be replaced? is it a big job? how do I check if its not functioning correctly?
  2. Hi Guys, I had my SR20DET rebuilt in my 180sx less then a year ago with all new internals including new pistons and piston rings. The engine has only done around 6,000ks. I have noticed that there is what looks like smoke coming out of my breather filter that's connected to my oil overflow can. I have been told its potentially blow-by or something to do with the crank case pressure caused by the piston rings not sealing correctly? I'm just wondering if I could get some more opinions. Just some things I should note: - The engine doesn't blow oil out of the breather just smoke. - The breather has a hole in one end where the smoke is coming out (its not closed off) - The dipstick doesn't pop out. - When I take off the oil filler cap when the motor is running it feels like air is coming out the hole. - Engine performs great. Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
  3. stiff gears after new clutch install. HELP

    I've spoken to my mechanic and am taking it in this week sometime to have it all checked. fingers crossed its something small like the fluids or slave cylinder. thanks for all the info guys, keep it coming if anyone discovers anything new and i'll keep you guys posted after I see the mechanic.
  4. stiff gears after new clutch install. HELP

    thanks for the responses, So I found out today that my mechanic put automatic transmission oil into my manual gearbox. do you think that could produce this problem ?
  5. Hey guys, got my car back after having a cushion ceramic hi torque clutch installed on my 94 180sx with a sr20det and now the gear box feels really tight and its hard to get it into gear. This problem is mainly first and reverse, I have adjusted the clutch pedal higher thinking this might fix the issue but after adjusting it higher it felt good for 5mins or so then as the car heated up and gears became sticky and stiff. I needed to force it into first gear when taking off at the lights. Anyone know what this could be? I have ordered a braided clutch line and going to get the clutch bled and swap it over for the braided line on the weekend. do you think this may help?? any help appreciated! Thankyou.
  6. 740cc Injector Settings on Power FC help

    thanks mate, I'll try find out what they are currently set at. I was under the impression JDM s15 injectors are 480cc must be a common misconception I guess
  7. Hi Guys, I have a 1994 180sx with a non vct blacktop. Originially the car had standard 370cc injectors but is currently tuned with 480cc s15 injectors. for my new setup I'm putting in some Nismo 740cc injectors. just wondering what settings I will need to put into my hand controller for my power FC just to get it to the tuner safely with the 740cc injectors? I believe I need the injector correction and latency settings. any help is appreciated.