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  1. S15 Newbie from Sydney

    Well I'm very sad to report that we have sold my baby due to a change in circumstances I put her on carsales last Thursday and just three days later she was sold. I can't believe she sold so quickly, I've seen S15s on carsales sit around for 6 months. So anyway, needless to say I'm pretty devastated. Thanks mate! Respray cost $840. That included taking the bar off, taking it back to bare plastic, respraying it and putting it back on.
  2. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    It doesn't sound like a very common problem so you should be right........
  3. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    Nah, it's to do with the sender in the fuel pump....... I probably didn't explain it properly http://www.subituned...howtopic=519509
  4. S15 Newbie from Sydney

    Aero bar resprayed and grills on!
  5. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    We don't know how much we get from a tank coz our fuel gauge is inaccurate. After my husband paid for the car and the guy selling us the car decided to tell my husband that the fuel gauge didn't work properly! He told him that the car tends to run out of fuel halfway between empty and a quarter. So I never let it go under a quarter. Asked a mechanic (not our usual mechanic) if he could fix it and he said he couldn't do it, he gave us the number of some dude in Sydney who we rang but he pretty much brushed us off. Apparently it's the sender. Found a post on the net about how to possibly fix it, hubby is gonna give it a go this weekend.
  6. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    No, not there, on the left hand side where it says "Nate's S15 Spec-R" (the actual thread photo). The pic changed from one of Nate's to the one of the tail lights I posted.
  7. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    Yeah, sorry Nate! Just quickly then, I found the picture posting thread: http://www.hardtuned...showtopic=50262 Just wondering, why the heck is one my photos coming up as the pic for this thread??????
  8. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    These look good on the red....... Have heard that they're pretty bad quality though and that they fade
  9. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    You have to link your photos from another website like photobucket. Funnily enough, when I first started posting on here a few weeks ago I was able to upload pics straight from my Mac. Then all of a sudden I wasn't able to anymore. So I decided to try uploading via photobucket like I've done with other forums and that worked! After I figured it out, I stumbled across a thread explaining how to post pics but can't remember in what section it was.
  10. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    Wow, they look awesome! So much better than the stock ones........Sucks to have a red S15 lol! Sorry I haven't put any pics of our exhaust up, the car won't be ready until Monday now
  11. Phew, they don't look like absolute garbage lol! Thanks for the explaining that, I understand how it works now. To be honest I would l love to get the car lowered but if we did it wouldn't be able to get into the driveway without leaving the exhaust behind!
  12. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    Huh.....I thought they'd look good on any colour. I agree, they really don't look that good on the red at all Just compared those pics to a pic of our car and the stock ones DO look better on the red! Thanks mate! Found that thread too........ Gaz merged it into another wheel thread http://www.nissansil...l=&fromsearch=1
  13. England newbie

    Welcome AzaP! I'm a newbie too...... Yeah, lots of valuable info and advice on here. See you around on the forums
  14. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    Was gonna ask you if you'd put them on yet......... would love to see pics when it's done! We haven't ordered ours yet......... BTW, do you know what's happened to the "Staggered fitting S15" thread in the New Members section we posted on? It's just disappeared!
  15. We have the following on our car with stock suspension 18 x 8 +35 Front 18 x 9 +45 Rear Personally, I think they look good and I'm really happy with them. But just wondering what you guys think. Honest opinions please.....