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  1. 180sx // RB20

    Well I do like the DMax vented bonnets that have the rear of bonnet heat sink and the big vent with like 5 tabs i think? But yeah other than that, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a Greddy copy plenum as i've heard it's just the crossover pipe that fouls yeh? Or would the front of the rocker come into play? If so can always redrill the mounts a lil lower I guess. Speaking of which I have the RB30 mounts, can't get a straight answer on google threads keep going off on tangents haha, can I just fit s13 lower mounts to the 30 and that will sit normal? (40mm higher than rb25) Thanks bud, yeah first year wages are the hardest haha, you get $800 from govt in 3 months though I finish up all my tafe by the end of this year hopefully and be qualified (Started year 10 trade school) However I am on a stingy $12.00 an hour for 3rd year not to mention my boss never opens on public holidays etc. yeh I also forgot to mention I got the 180 for $700 as it was ono, he ended up also throwing in the surge tank and a set of fresh tread stockies Speaking of the tank, here it is painted in that beautiful but $17 a can ceramic paint from SCA Looks nicer in person as well, nice low sheen satin Bosch 044 All of which I will be bolting onto a plate to tidily mount in the boot next to cell, using the stock fuel filter holder which fits around the pump. On a side note, where would I be able to buy these? Only want one more, and two of the darker amber rear ones as there is holes from those USDM style lights I'm told this is the ADM cluster faces, I'm very keen to swap anyone for standard/black/jdm? cluster faces. Bindi helping me find bargains at 1AM online
  2. 180sx // RB20

    Thanks, it says Boost Controller on it, but where would I adjust it? that brass thing doesn't spin, unless it needs some inox Can I snag a little more info if you've seen it before because I've googled multiple times EDIT: DERRR I just had a look at it physically which I should have, and it's got a flat head screw in a tapped hole on the left hose-less side, sweet
  3. 180sx // RB20

    Thanks bud, will do! Yeah I still think about every morning as it's empty spot is the first thing I see ):
  4. 180sx // RB20

    Here's my dads totally JDM half cut truck haha, it's exhaust with flex pipe I may be able to clean up an utilise for my dump pipe and 4-5" (Gotta measure it next time at yard) pipe I will definately use for intake Here is the 180 now, almost stripped off bolt-on's it will soon be time to chip the sound deadener and cut brackets off, possibly tub front guards and removable rad support, and maybe flat rear floor. Does anyone have some input at this stage? Wondering if it's structurally sound to cut out the rear seat supports as shown, I've seen photos of people doing it so can't be that bad. Planning on cage just before or after I paint the shell as well so added rigidity will help even if it is bad? Also would like input on that kind of stuff, whether to lower or raise floor to make flat-ish or leave that alltogether, whether you need to tub rear guards for what size wheel? (Until they hit guards and need tubbing) So I know how far to go without buying wheels then measuring what i've bought (Or is it already collasal like -20 offset 19x 12s will fit.) Probably will run 15x10s as well not wanting rediculous sizes. Lastly is a removable rad support roadworthy/registerable? Next job is to strip all this cluster-f**k under the dash. The loom enters from both side of the firewall without connectors in between so the loom in the engine bay here is out, but needs to be pulled through. That will leave the interior ready to be cut, welded, maybe paint stripped then painted. Step after is the cage! Must get saving.. By the way this post will comprise my list and I will get started on updating as I do things/time progresses at a live pace from next post on. So I found a Series2/R31 Skyline RB30e complete block inc. Block, water pump oil pump, rear main seal, sump, bolts, rotating assembly [pistons, crank, rods] crank cradle (right word?) for total of $50. Although, that will go up when I need to take it to the machine shop to get prepped IN ALL IT'S GLORY!! *rust* Can anyone tell anything from this? Or anyone who knows what to look for is welcome to request specific engine photos I also stumbled upon what I think/thought was an absolute bargain, although I didn't get proof, receipts, etc. It was definately acid dipped, and what he said looks right as the springs etc look very new with paint marker markings etc An RB25DET Series 2/VVT head, apparently acid dipped, decked, and rebuilt with standard nissan springs, spring seats, valves, valve seals, lifters and reground cams all by Crow Cams for $1400 he said, that sound right? It does to me Anyway along with that work and the head itself's worth I got the lot for $750. So now I need to work on getting engine peripherals but mainly getting the shell prepped so as not to lose my place on anything, my memory is short, haha One problem that is slightly ruining my excitement of getting it running, is where will I drive 1000~ KM's on a definately no where near rego-able (at the stage it will be when running not complete) to run in the engine? Track would be hell expensive and cruising there lol? I'd be like a 110 year old on a highway I guess I could cruise around my estate for a few hours every night... My original plan was to go 1JZ-GTE with R154 or T56, but the car came mod plated for RB25 engine, hi mount and gearbox, and what I was wondering at first was an rb25/30 so I went ahead, hearing great great things about their torque and if built stock, dyno around 200+rwkw Which I'm happy with haha Happy with the progress though My plan for the engine is to build it strong, e.g. Brand name bearings, studs, nissan gasket kit, maybe o-ringed head gasket, etc. With like a stage one sort of package, intake plenum (to clear bonnet mainly), map sensor w/ standalone ecu, 040 to 2L surge and 044 and Tomei FPR, from 20L race cell (got all that atm, need the following though) with rb25 top feed rail, and some maybe 600~cc's to suit about a gt3076r, with turbo outlet sized dump and 3" straight through. Then if I thirst for more at a later date I could add uprated springs and longer dur cams for more rpm and top-end (This post was a bit rushed, some sentences may not make sense, or long-winded, non-comma'd paragraphs, I will edit after work tonight)