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  1. Hey all, Havent been on in a while, my ca 180 build is nearly completed (alot later than i planned) but i wanted to get every thing right. Im chasing all and any small, good or bad dealings with tuners on brisbanes northside, Im torn between ecc and mercury but any other recommendations would he good. Mainly would like to get any reveiws, prices they have charged for similar work. I had really good dealings with both as far as getting quotes and having a chat, so any help would be great. The gear thats in it is forged ca, hks cams, heavily ported head and valves ect, E85 flex fuel, haltech ps1000, gtx2867, 1000cc id's, and other bits. I need to send it some one to get ecu fitted and tuned and can't make a decision. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Any nissan heads want to make some exta coin?

    Haha nah not much shiny on this old girl mate, shes a sleeper
  3. Any nissan heads want to make some exta coin?

    Dead right mate, I dont want to just buy a car I want to have some part of it, I got onto an old mate and its nearly together. Got my haltech and flex fuel kit I'll get a tuner to fit n tune then.
  4. Hey tim, Long time, im about a few weeks of finishing my bus, give me a hoi when you go. Are you still heading to powercruise?
  5. Any nissan heads want to make some exta coin?

    Also, im at north brisbane
  6. Hey all, I'm still building my ca18 180, and am finding less and less time to work on it with my own work. So I'm chasing a mechanic or someone who knows they're way around a ca18 well, therez not a lot left to do and its stuff I can do myself but its just time consuming and I want to drive this thing. The ca is built and mounted, its mainly bolt ons now, just need some one for a few days to hook into it with me and get it ready for a tune. Goal is 350/400whp, running e85 flex fuel, gtx2867, surge bosch 044 fuel setup, 1000cc inj, ect. So you know what Setup im running. If any one is interested or can recommend someone please hit me up on here. I know I could call a mobile mechanic, I havent because I've talked to a few that have no fu king idea about these types of setups, ask why i dont just buy a ss and charge crazy coin.
  7. 180sx automatic to manual conversion

    The wires are- - the wire entering auto box behind selector - the wire entering auto low on rear of box drivers side - wire entering passenger side of box And the two up near selector. Any help would be great. Thanks
  8. I'm half way through doing a auto to manual conversion, just need to know what to do with what wires. Does any one know of any info or web pages that can help.
  9. Hey, does any one of any where in brisbane that does s13 auto to manual swaps? I have all the parts except clutch, not sure which clutch to use yet.
  10. Shit wasn't real in the 90's until ya rounded it off
  11. I miss the car scene back then, For me it was in the Sunshine Coast qld, We were all between 17-21 every one broke with shit heap cars, Some one would dump deisel down so we could lose traction, Dragging down a 1km industrial estate road, Each car slower then the next.. I had a v8 xa falcon, cousin had a ke70 1.3l , Dunga old commy's, some 12a rotors, no one had any sort of power and no one cared. Back then a friend was a patrol cop and would let us know how many cars were rotating Noosa and If it was him. Now with time a lot of my old mates have good track/drag cars and I don't think we have any more fun. Some one dropped macca's trays before.. Haha an old laser would put anything to shame with those suckers.
  12. WTB, s13 drivers seat

    I'm chasing a fixed head rest standard s13 drivers seat. Please text me on 0439491887.
  13. My build

    Yeah I love the eski, I'll put it on there when I do the build. Would have loved to do it instead of the 180 but didn't want to cry if I bumped it on the track.
  14. My build

    Mal's my uncle so he's keeping the price down for me, it's looking like it will be an expensive gig $2300 for new t5 box,then I got the clutch, flywheel, mounts, bellhousing and adaptor gear... I'm fearing it. Still tossing up whether to just go with a stock manual box and change them when needed, just dont like the idea of needing a trailer every time I drop it.
  15. My build

    fingers crossed mate, once box is sorted then to mercury for ecu and tune then the run in. I hope so. Typical performance build, 1 obstical after the next