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  1. Hi everyone, My S13 got vandalised the other night... so I'm motivated to install my aftermarket alarm system ASAP The biggest hurdle for me so far is hooking up the alarm control unit to the factory central locking module. I believe on my car, there are 2 wires coming out of the actuator or the control unit INSIDE the door as opposed to the other kind which has 3 wires. Has anyone here been able to successfully hook up a aftermarket alarm to their S13's central locking? I would like a proper hookup where the alarm control unit ELECTRICALLY connects directly to the S13's factory central locking module, and not a dodgy mechanical workaround where an aftermarket actuator is hooked up to the locking mechanisms and links inside the door, which when triggered to lock/unlock in turns triggers the factory central locking system accordingly. I think it's dodgy and prone to error. Any help greatly appreciated, Cheers, Tony
  2. I see, thats a bummer. Not even S14/15 hubs would fit onto the S13 spindles? Problem is my car has ABS, it's there so I figured I might as well keep it. I could get those ichiba 5 stud conversion hubs but they don't have the abs rings on them... I might have to go with the S14/15 front end route after all then. They're not too hard to find if you got the money of course, which I'm lacking a bit. Cheers, thanks for your input.
  3. Hey guys, I've been searching around many forums and haven't really found a very definitive answer on this specific topic especially since it seems everyone has a different name for each part and it's hard to understand. So I've attached a photo to be more specific. Sorry but I'm still a noob with this kinda stuff, but just want to do the job right first time. Currently looking at parts to buy to do 5 lug conversion on my S13 (just the front for now), there's a few people selling some R32/33 front axle assemblies including the lines, rotors, callipers, hubs and knuckles... I know from the guide that most of the R32/R33 brakes (rotors and callipers) will fit after putting on S14/15 5 stud hubs, but I'm wondering if the R32/33 wheel hubs themselves would fit onto the S13 knuckle spindles after removing them by taking out the wheel bearing lock nuts. That way I can just buy the one part without screwing around with S14/15 hubs and LCAs, or getting aftermarket ichiba hubs and the like. Has anyone ever specifically tried this before? Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I recently got a S13. Pretty psyched about it. My old current/old car is getting pretty old and worn so decided it's time for an upgrade. It was Initial D that probably got me into all of this stuff in the first place, and my brother already has a AE86 hence decided to get one of these. I'm currently in the process of respraying it because some of the previous owners banged it up a bit and the paint was getting old anyways. Also in the process of doing a 5 stud conversion so would be great if anyone could lend a hand. It's non-turbo and relatively stock with a few minor missing parts due to the idiot previous owner's trying to do their ricecake mods on it etc. It's going to be a daily driver for now, so don't really care about any engine upgrades yet... as long as everything's mechanically sound. I'm more interested in making it look great and clean, maybe a bodykit.. we'll see. Also gonna get some nice upgrades to suspension, wheels, brakes, etc. Looking forward to learning and contributing to the forum Cheers! Tony