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  1. Varvs you are a legend! thanks for the advice! I've actually been looking at s13's cause they are alot easier to come by NA (f**king p plates) but i want flip up headlights hahah so when i came across an 180sx with an sr20de i was pretty f**king excited. Your right though, if it is such an easy fix i might as well get him to do it and drive it home rather than towing. So i guess it is not just as simple as replacing the sensor, thanks Johnnilicte Ill talk to the seller some more and see how he responds but I guess buying a silvia then making it a onevia is probably my best bet.
  2. Hi All This is my first post on nissan silvia so excuse me if i say anything stupid :/ Im looking into this 180sx on gumtree and this is the description 1991 180sx with 2000 model sr20de motor, needs airflow sensor to start. Ive talked with the seller and he says "Im 95% sure its just the air flow sensor that needs replacing to get the car running again. I mean it was running fine before i unplugged the sensor, they're usually pretty touch and go anyway" So what do you guys think? How should i go about it. The guy is in bathurst (2.5hrs) so if i do make the trip i would really like to come back with a new car. All help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!

    You look like Micheal Essa (Drives as E46 in FD)!!!
  4. R34 4Door - RB25DE Neo - Automagic

    Got anymore pictures of it mate?