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  1. S15 engine rattle at 2500rpm?

    Hmmm. Will have to have a close inspection. Car is stock turbo and mani but doesnt have a heat shield. Was taken off. Cheers for the suggestions. I'll have it looked at this weekend .
  2. S15 engine rattle at 2500rpm?

    hard time uploading one due to 2mb size limit, but ive got it on dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dh6999hmwddf4ai/Rattle.mp4?dl=0 have a peek.
  3. S15 engine rattle at 2500rpm?

    Had a rebuilt engine dropped in with about 120xxx, head was rebuilt at the same time. but sound has been there since it dropped in :/
  4. So for a while now i seem to be getting a constant rattle which only occurs at exactly 2500 rpm all the time (while driving and while in neutral) when revs go higher than 2750 rpm or below 2500 - the rattle goes away. But if u keep it at 2500 it will stay there until the revs move otherwise. I dont think it's the VCt because the head has had springs with less load ratings to keep the VCT happy and I havnt had any rattle otherwise. so when i check under the hood and rev it to 2.5k it sounds like its coming from inside the Throttle body (or close to it)? It's quite noticeable while driving ( a bit embarrassing at low speed ) I'm beginning to suspect the timing chain tensioner but am having second thoughts because the sound seems to be closer to the rear of the throttle body. Its been there for quite some time - any ideas what it could be? Car has tomei poncams in it as well. Thanks!
  5. Best HID kit to suit ADM S15?

    How'd you go with the fitment in the projector? any issues or much modification at all?
  6. Hey all, So I've decided to get a 6000K HID kit for my ADM S15, so far it seems that the original harness goes into the ballast which then connects to the HID bulb, and I'll have to drill out a 20mm hole into the screw on housing, to let the wiring through- seems straight forward. I've seen a few eBay ones but have heard mixed reviews about them. Was just wondering if anyone who has a similar setup would recommend a decent HID kit that won't be a hassle to fit into the OEM ADM headlight?? Thanks!!
  7. wheel bearings were from NTN Japan - costed roughly 350, as for the knocking it only comes up when car turns left and varies with the speed of the turn - but never when going straight or any other direction. I suspect it very well could be the bushings as they are pretty worn. May be the less expensive option to eliminate- are rubber bushings the better way to go for street setup?
  8. will do. out of curiousity, can the lower mount bushes play a role in this? I dont think they've been replaced since installation and from the looks of it I cant tell if there is much bushing left. :/ - they are HSD coilovers. Forgive my lack of knowledge - I havnt spent much time around suspension lol.
  9. all 4 wheel bearings where replaced with OEM parts about a year ago- car was going sweet. :/
  10. Hey everybody, so for a while I've noticed that whenever I turn my car slightly to the left, I can hear a knocking coming from the left hand side of the car - towards the rear. It gets slightly faster as I speed up but it isn't incredibly loud- as if something is on the wheel knocking the car on each turn. Car was aligned about 4 months ago - but this only happens when the car turns slight left at around 50kph+. Any suggestions as to what it could be?? Car is running HSD Coilovers with 19" wheels. Fitment is tight but scrub isn't evident. I've checked the rear strut tops and everything is tight. Cheers
  11. defi gauge illumination issue - S15

    Cheers for the reply, I checked the meter outputs - the gauge is a advance BF and in both outputs the issue remains :/, when key is in the ACC position all is good. but as soon as key switches to ON its always on dim mode. maybe I should try wiring the illumination to the ciggy lighter???
  12. Hey all, ive got an issue with my defi gauge wiring. Its all wired up nicely and I just spliced in my illumination into the back of my stereo - when the car is off the illumination works perfect but whenever the engine is running the gauge is permanently dim (ie: always on dim mode ) the stereo dims fine when I turn on ny headlights. any idea as to how to fix this issue? Thanks!
  13. cleaning S15 IACV tutorial?

    Awesome - thanks for the guidance guys!!
  14. Hey all, so I've noticed lately my idle seems to be bouncing by about 100rpm up and down on warm engine on my S15. After a bit of research I reckon i may have to clean the IACV, i dont really mess with my engine often so bear with me - in order to clean the IACV is it just as simple as removing the bolts on the side and just spraying some AFM cleaner into the spring? Will it need a new gasket upon refitting? As i haven't been able to find a definite guide - excuse the noob question as I just wanted to make sure I'm doing it right - I cant afford much downtime on my daily. Thanks!!
  15. hey man is this still available? keen