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  1. I removed my motor and now I've reinstalled it and got it running. I noticed that my windows didn't work but I didn't pay attention to my clock lights or wipers. I pulled the dash out and removed the wiring behind the radio and now I don't have any indicators, parker lights and wipers. Also the hazard light button doesn't work. I've connected up everything when I removed my dash and the car still starts. I'm thinking a main fuse because I'm sure I haven't chopped any of the wiring for these parts and the windows where not working before I didn't anything. Any ideas?
  2. WTB s13 Sr20det crank

    Looking for a good condition crank for my sr. I'll settle for something that has some wear as long as it not anything too bad
  3. sil80 with Rb25

    I'm gonna be putting an rb25det in to my 180 thats had a s15 front conversion. Now I've put the s15 radiator bracket in so that I didnt have to do anything to fit my headlights, but if it was the standard 180 bracket I would use a ca18 radiator to go with the rb but since its the s15 radiator bracket, will the ca radiator bolt up or what radiator should i be using. Thanks.
  4. Check engine light

    Well it could be like 1,000,000 things. Done anthing to the car lately? Without a scan tool making it easy you could always use the inbuilt diagnosis in the ECU, I'm sure someone on hear knows howto do it off by heart or there is even a thread on it I cant remember how to do it.. You turn a screw 90 degrees and then back or something on the ECU and then the light will flash solid or blink a couple of times and then use a chart and corrospond the flashes/ blinks to the one one the chart and then that should lead to something as a start.. But yes I don't have the chart or remember how to do it
  5. sr20det to sr20vet

    How much for it? I'd rather do it my self. I'll post a guide on how to do it when I finish my build or maybe step by step as I go if anyone wants?
  6. I'd say yes.. But im not 100% sure, more on the yes side though. I't wouldnt hurt at all to tune.
  7. sr20det to sr20vet

    I understand how VTEC works and I take it it's quite simliar to VVL, a cam with two differant sized lobes on it and a solinoid that pushes the cam over onto the higer lobe when need be. I'm trying to get a decent understanding of all the work involved before i get half way through it and then have to get someone else to finish it for me... I think i read somehwere the the 20vet has indents in the pistons for the valves to have clearance.. I think i read that. What do you mean by running stock pistions though, say i had cp rods and pistions which would have the same stroke length, that would be okay then? Also putting a cam with higher lift will cause those valves to smash into the pistion then i take it? Well so far this is getting me on track, but cheers guys.
  8. sr20det to sr20vet

    Yeh, I though people where putting in EW in and i was like wtf.. but i understand now, take the head off and plonk it on the det block. As for the CAS im pretty sure i can get an ECU that will eliminate the need for it, such as a Haltech if i am led to be correct.. I was looking at Mazworks and they have a kit with everything you shall need to get everything to fit on/ in place. Which looks like it would be the way too go. Also i take the the vet cams have two profiles on them and my det cams wont work..?
  9. sr20det to sr20vet

    Thanks for the threads, have scrolled through but havent fully read them. One thing I dont understand though, the P11 head that is from an EW engine isn't it? As for mods.I've got a fmic. pot, etc nothing fancy. I'n my shed ive got poncams, z32. 740cc injectors, exhaust manifold, fuel pump, and a tomei 7920 turbo kit on the way soon,.
  10. So I was thinking of getting together some parts to put a sr20vet into my 180sx, not sure where to start though I had a couple of options.. First of all buy a complete engine out of a x-trail which is north south and then plonking that in or secondly buying the necessary parts of off one of those engines and putting them onto the block of my sr20det, Thirdly which I am unsure of would be to buy from a primera which is east west and then taking the head off and putting it onto my block but im unsure if that would actually fit in the direction of my north south engine. I havent done too much reasearch yet, anyone that has done it, got threads, a complete parts list or just any advice that would point me in the correct direction would be apprechiated. Currently have a non VCT blacktop.
  11. 1998 w/ redtop?

    Helps a lot thanks! So at least its got a blacktop head on it... how can i tell if its vct or not? I take it vct is 96-98? Trying to figure out a rough idea of the year now for parts/ mainly power fc. Curious as to what Tim said too
  12. 1998 w/ redtop?

    Well that helps me a lot, thanks. I always thought that the 1998 by the sr20det was ment to be engine year. Its got the interior of the later model, as well as the vertical stripes on the front of the head which indicated a black top motor, but the head is red, why paint it red? But thanks!
  13. 1998 w/ redtop?

    Sorry I worded this badly, so you think its possibly that the original engine was a redtop?
  14. Could have smashed some valves. Pull it apart new rocker arms, rocker arm stopers, new springs and cams and replace damaged parts.
  15. So I've got a 1998 Nissan 180sx, the vin plate on it says its a 1998 model.. It's a red top and not a type x. I didn't really know much about 180's when i brough it but, i though that after 96 they only produced black tops and they where all type x? any heads up on this and i take it its not possible to get the engine year off of the engine?