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  1. S13 Electrical Issues

    Wow I just tried that and it fixed the problem! I'm amazed! -.-
  2. The problem started when I replaced my broken cluster with digital speedo with a working one. First I noticed the radio stopped working, checked the fuse and it was blown so I replaced that and it'll be fine but the radio still would not come on. Every now and then the fuse will blow again. The interior light also stopped working Door open signal light is always on When I turn the front interior light to the "on" position, the clock stops working and would come back on when I switch the light off (however the light does not come on) When interior light gets switch "on" the "door open" light comes on brighter but interior light doesn't work The battery gets drained overnight if I leave the terminal plugged in Not quite sure where to start. Anyone seen or had same/similar problem? Any suggestions on what I should look at?