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  1. efr 6258 t4

    Sourced my VE head through PJ Quick Bits, currently awaiting my Hypertune intake/exhaust manifolds, other good options would be 6Boobs and MXP/SME? I think they're the same mob.
  2. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    How do you find the 7163 up in the revs? I know the VE helps makes them responsive as fuck, but I'm worried about the compressor running out of puff up top. Currently undecided between a 7670 and 8374 for my 2 litre VE build
  3. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Nevermind I just read the first page HAHA
  4. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Absolutely love the build dude, I'm just now starting my VET conversion, is your P11 head completely stock? Made some good numbers on 98.
  5. S15 Spec R VVL kicked in YO

    Don't think I seen you mention it anywhere, what colour is this going to be? Looks awesome dude.
  6. afm with apexi power fc? help.

    Why would you recommend the Nistune over PowerFC? don't they have the tiniest tuning map out of any of the others mentioned...
  7. Hammering sounds easier than cutting and welding, better bust out the old whacker and give it a swing.
  8. Running a 9.5 -something ridiculous and I get scrub on my body as well, pain in the ass trying to fill these massive guards. Thinking about taking a hammer to the metal tab and just flatten it so I don't have to switch to a lower offset wheel, anyone done this before? It isn't detrimental or anything I hope.
  9. I know it's already sold, but reason for sale? It is a beautiful setup.
  10. Willing to post mate? am interested in the bomex mirrors and type x pods, located in Darwin NT though.
  11. Black 180sx sr20det manual

    Read the post date mate, over a year ago with no bumps.
  12. Fanta Orange S15 - LS3 Conversion

    RIP to the General. Here's to the next shell being bigger and badder!
  13. Loki's zil80

    You go through more front ends than most plastic surgeons Is that a topstage lip on your sharky front bar? same as mine Love the build and love how awesome the 260 is
  14. s13 q's to k's project

    'Tis the virgin Mary haha, nice find.
  15. There's a whole classifieds section dedicated to WTB threads mate...