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  1. Global Shortage of VTC Gears

    So i just spoke to nissan, $800. So really the question is, I have an $800 budget to fix the VTC issue, is replacing with the stock part the BEST way to go? cost/performance/longevity? edit: Really looking for a bit of knowledge here.. Looking at the adjustable cam gears to replace the vtc gear mainly becuase of price. If i install adjustable gears are they located via the dowels, do you leave the gears themselves at 0 degrees? Surely this has been done before and someone has knowledge.. Or even better a link to a guide somewhere on the net?
  2. Global Shortage of VTC Gears

    Too be honest I havent checked nissan, I stayed away because of the prices. I will check availability from nissan on Monday Taark is out of stock aswell, with no ETA from japan edit: if this is in the wrong section feel free for a mod to move it
  3. So, my S14a has the VTC rattle, and after spending 2 weeks looking around on the net and through part suppliers for a replacement VTC gear it seem that we have a global shortage of stock for the VTC gears. My question is what is the best route to resolve the issue? Ive resarched and found that you can replace the gears with adjustable cam gears but you lose low end torque, or you can replace the cams and gears all together to get rid of it. Couple of questions concerning these things: 1.If you choose to use adjustable gears where do you dial them in at? 0 degrees? Anything else you need if you do this or just drop them in and go? 2. Is there a good option out there for a mild cam + adjustable gears that you can use to eliminate the VTC? While still retaining the stock valvetrain, ecu and that doesn't require a re-tune? All the info I can find is on diagnosing the problem and some option as above, but most of the threads just just end in replacing it with the original gear as its the best/easiest thing to do. But without the gears being a readily available part whats the next best thing for a daily driven s14, keeping performance and budget in mind? Opinions?
  4. Any VTC gears in stock? ETA?
  5. S14a airbag ecu short?

    It was a 2.7ohm 5w resistor, I just went by what all the guides that I read said to use so I'm not sure if it was right. No, it happened as soon as I plugged it in, maybe 60 seconds. While I was watching it and had it still in my hands, so no rubbing through or anything like that. Just not sure what to do or check at the moment. Wanting to get it sorted just for resale value down the track so I can sell it with a rwc.
  6. S14a airbag ecu short?

    Hey guys, Had a question about replacing the standard steering wheel with an aftermarket. I've put in a new wheel and read up about the resistor, I put one in loop for the airbag which made the light go out, but then I found that the resistor got extremely hot then blew the airbag fuse. Now I have no airbag light what so ever, with a new fuse and resistor in or out it makes no difference. It does not light up with ignition on, it is completely dead. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else, I looked for guides and followed them perfectly so I'm a little lost, could the bulb have blown? Shorted out the ecu? Cheers