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    32 with 2.5
  1. hey guys I have standard r32 gtr suspension for sale no leaks good condition $80 fronts only
  2. updated r32 parts

    hey guys im in need of a few parts for my 32 1 bonnet (in silver hopefuly) 2 front gauds (in silver ) 1 intercooler 1 front reo bar thanks will consider other colours updated I also need r32 front standard suspention
  3. 32 suspension

    hey guys will aftermarket r32 gtr or gts4 fit and work on a gtst thanks
  4. wtb r32 parts

    wanted to buy r 32 parts 2 front gaurds in silver 1 bonnet siver 1 bumper reo passanger and drivers door lock with key
  5. Joeys R33 4 door

    I don't usually like 33sbut thats rally nice like your work mate

    im after the bov plug and mabe the fuel pump
  7. gt2871r ?

    hey guys iv got a tg2871r the no's on the turbo are 446179 -5032 but the rear housing has hks on it is there any way I can tell what the specs are with out removing the turbo I looked on the garett website but not sure on the rear housing any feed back would be good thanks
  8. hi flow a 2871r


    sounds good can u send me ur phone no
  10. hi flow a 2871r

    thanks do you think it is worth it or am I better off just selling the 2871r and buying a new turbo
  11. ALL GONE

    ok if it still spins properl ill buy it can u take the fan off and send it to melb for me , ill pay for it and postage I don't need the fan only the clutch
  12. hi flow a 2871r

    yeh I want to get gcg to do it for meand I want them to go more than stage 1 but I don't no what size it may end up being and how much power it will be able to flow
  13. hey guys I have an gt2871r on a rb25 wanting to no if I get it hi flowed what size will it be
  14. ALL GONE

    do u still have the fan clutch whats the condition like
  15. hey guys im after an 3in exaust for my 2.5 r32 must be in fair comdition thanks