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  1. Plastdip who rates it

    I used it to paint racing stripes on my golf when I was into that... It peeled off a year later no problem. 10/10 would recommend for having fun with.
  2. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    Hey man most Hondas have Vtec
  3. Jdm boost gauge a pillar?
  4. need help with n/a s15

    Step one: sell autech s15 Step two: but Australian delivered s15 Step three: obtain exemption because under 125kw/ton Step four: ??? Step five: profit
  5. H1 High and H7 Low?

    Low beams are a h1 bulb. If I were you i would leave the high beams incandescent as HIDs take time to warm up and in many situations you turn high beams on and off frequently which dramatically reduces bulb life. Cars that come with HID high beams stock use the same bulb for both low/high beam and vary the optics to change between the two.
  6. Same kit I bought, 6 months and still going strong.
  7. powdercoated rocker covers

    Would your friend be able to do something like this? My cars due back from the smash repair some time this week and id be pretty keen if he could shave and paint my rocker over like this.
  8. 86 or MX5?

    Would it be acceptable to put a chev badge on it?
  9. Bitcoin Thread

    You make some good points. Where do you buy yours coins from?
  10. WSID Wednesday 4th March

    Gheeze that sounds like a recipe for a new engine.
  11. Bitcoin Thread

    Haha not for that reason, I know its pretty safe but at this point I don't personally trust it enough for storing large amounts of money, if you had a house fire or someone steal your cold storage drive you could potentially lose it all. I know it every unlikely but still possible. Its also possible that another system is developed and overtakes bitcoin potentially driving the price of coins down greatly. Just my opinion on bitcoins as it currently stands.
  12. Bitcoin Thread

    I got into it primarily to use the darknet markets and money transfer but also things like this interest me a lot. Since you have so much of your money invested are you ever worried the system could crash as such making your savings worthless? I also like the idea of keeping money in other forms to besides dollars such as precious metals since funds in these form are sill viable for trade in the event of economic collapse/depression. In my city there is a bitcoin vending machine and I went to use it for the first time yesterday but it was out of coins, its coin jar based and has quite large fees but it is pretty convenient.
  13. Bitcoin Thread

    I'm just getting started in bitcoin, I've got my online wallet set up and current downloading my off-line wallet so i can transfer my bitcoins into that. Did you get into it for trade or investment reasons?
  14. 86 or MX5?

    It could actually be quite a good marketing strategy, I mean the 86 and brz are hugely successful. Bringing out a turbo model in a few years time will generate massive sales since all the non turbo guys will want the turbo model. There is already a factory turbo version of the fa20 which makes 300 horsepower so maybe we'll see some version of this engine making its way into the cars in a few years.