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  1. S15 stock car parts – parts galore!

    bump prices dropped make offers guys
  2. S15 stock car parts – parts galore!

    Bump. Need these gone guys. Prices negotiable
  3. Price dropped, need these gone guys ADM T28 turbo, no shaft play, no leaks, works perfect - SOLD Stock complete turbo back exhaust – $200 Stock air box with snorkel (will throw in panel filter with it) - $100 Stock ecu - $100 ADM 440cc stock injectors - $100 Stock fuel pump - $50 Stock MAF with piping - $100 Stock solenoid/boost controller - $50 Front floor matts (driver side useable but not that great) - $20 Stock side mount intercooler with piping but hasn’t got turbo side pipes - $100 Stock springs no leaks or knocks - $150 Stock springs with lowered king springs no knocks or leaks - $250 Bogaard s15 turbo timer - $50 I am willing to ship but only at buyer’s cost Pick up available in Western Sydney, Blacktown area Do not hesitate to call on 0424 256 TWO SIX NINE
  4. S15 problems!

    It's only in reverse. Doesn't seem to happen while normal driving, and it doesn't happen all the time. I was going to record the sound the other night but my luck it didn't make the sound 😑
  5. S15 problems!

    It is only when reversing
  6. S15 problems!

    Not the guards. As to having stock wheels. Thé Sound comes from close to the tire. I don't know how warn bushes sound but I'm thinking it might be then. Cause its a rubber sound. I'll try and record the sound while reversing next time
  7. S15 problems!

    Thanks for the help guys. Thought something was wrong somewhere lol. But has anyone ever experienced the second problem?
  8. S15 problems!

    What do u mean by lifting a wheel Bling? As in, in the air? But the tires werent spinning at all!
  9. S15 problems!

    Ok guys I've got a problem. Actually 2! The first problem has never happened before and I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. I was going up a driveway. Was a bit steep and the car didn't wanna move! Was in first gear and as the car is low was going on an angle. Clutch wasn't riding. Kms going up but the car was stable. No movement! Finally got it up the driveway buy just wondering what the hell that was. Diff, clutch, gearbox, tailshaft, no idea what it was. Wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like that before. Second problem is that when I reverse the car. For example reverse parking. There is rubber grinding sounds coming from rear and front. This has been happening for a while. Was thinking that it might be the bushes but can be wrong. Sounds are coming from close to the tires. Please can anyone help me as I'm clueless. Thanks guys!
  10. Ive got standard springs if you're interested mate
  11. idle problem after tune

    Johnnilicte if your good at something never do it for free haha I like that 😉. So idle recovery set point is the problem. Mmm hope it's nothing to be worried about cause haven't got the time to get it fixed yet
  12. Ladies and gentlemen. This is my first post on the general automotive forum. Anyway, Back to my question. I've got my car tuned for the first time with the following Hks gtrs, 255 walbro, z32 with custom intake, 740ccs all tuned on the power fc. Finally have a bit more power hahaha 😎 Anyways car feels heaps responsive compared to how it used to be. But my problem is that. When changing gears or for example instead of gearing down while approaching a red light or car I put it in neutral and car revs up to about 2 grand then drops back down. Is this normal. Or something I should look into. Haven't had the time to take it back to my tuner as I've been busy. Thought I'd ask here to before I look like an Idiot. If anyone has experienced anything like this is something simalar please help. Cheers guys
  13. spec s badges

    I'm after a set of spec s badges for s15. Been looking around everywhere but can't find. If anyone has any lying around I'll purchase em
  14. Hey mate im interested in the badges but can't send a pm not sure why tho
  15. injector testing and flowing.!

    Thanks for the help guys