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  1. Need the dyno readout though for that one. I've been against my bro in a 342 rwkw 6L VE when I was running 230 rwkw and were fairly even until...lets say higher speeds. I'd say it's a happy dyno. Not hating the result man and don't think that I am, just being realistic. The GT2860RS esepcially in a 0.64 just won't flow that much air to produce that power. The maximum it will flow is 16 PSI with 36 lbs/min of air. 36 x 9 on E85 will give you an approx rwhp of 324 rwhp, so it's more like 235 rwkw - 240 rwkw (IF LUCKY) before it's surging off the map. The tuner should drop the boost, it's off the chart entirely and heating up everything unneccesarily with the potential of a prematurely blown turbo. Put it this way, I'm at 255.8 rwkw and maxing out the poor little A/R 0.64 on my GTX2863R running E85 now at 16.5 PSI (see above). It's very snappy even with Hankook RS3 Z223 tyres. It steps out in 1st gear in a striaght line with all the strut bracing, underbracing, decent coilovers, links, etc. It is actually difficult to break traction in a straight line in any other gear besides first and squirms nicely in 2nd at max torque. If yours pretty much ticks those boxes then you've somehow overcome Garrett's physics and the dyno is correct . IMO you should be up there with 350rwkw+ V8s / 6Ts though. The 315 / 320 rwkw V8s should struggle to keep up with you. I'm hearing all of what you're saying Mostly I'm just pretty happy with how it performs. When I had it on 20psi, straight line was perfect. Do a few runs - all good, Try to pedal on and off in a slide? No chance huge spike 25+ psi. ( probably how i set up the boost ) I was reluctant to say that I beat my friends in a race but tbh my car is quicker ( hard to say as i was behind and started gaining a bit ) I run it on 10-13psi external gate now and it seems happier. Other wise it would squeel and start overboosting Wouldn't buy this turbo again but rate it far better than a 2871r .64 without cams on stock engine Thanks for the info, hopefully get to take on a few quick cars at powercruise or something to get an idea of how it really goes. mainline hub dyno micks motorsport, make of that what you will
  2. Make and model: Nissan s13 Silvia Size of engine: 2.0l Modifications to the car: stock mani, big exhaust, cooler, 640cc inj, nistune, z32afm, poncams, springs/retainers, forged Pistons&rods Type of turbo: gt2860rs Rear Exhaust housing: .64 When does vehicle begin boost: 2200? When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 4000 20psi Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; poncams What brand: tomei What lift/duration etc: 256/256 11.5 Max power achieve at what boost: 250.2kw 20psi Just posted as the small disco has a rep for Good response and not much power. Can hit 3rd and hold drift at 4k and gain revs when running 10psi threshold Cams are a big bonus As for racing it's damn near spot on with a 320rwkw 6.0 VZ clubby and 315rwkw BA xr6t ( friends cars at powercruise power play ) If I didn't go this it would be a proper gtx30 series matching manifold or another brand altogether.
  3. S15 Spec R Parts Needed

    Hey guys, had a bit of a disaster in my 200sx, all in all im ending up requiring a front bar and some PASSENGER parts, in pewter if possible, Sydney region but can travel Front bar Front LCA Front Guard Door Sidekirt ADM spec R style Really missing having this car i am searching the forum atm and also ebay wreckers and sending emails Cheers!,Jye 0400306334