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  1. 1991 Nissan 180SX SR20DET Wreck For Sale $1000 ONO

    Car's sold thanks guys.
  2. ***SOLD*** Hi folks, Long time reader, first time poster... unfortunately my 180SX needs to go. I only had it on the road for 6 months before a Commodore plowed into the side of it when they failed to give way at a red light... c'est la vie. No one was hurt, except my lil 180sx was taken out of action. The impact was right on the drivers door, which hit the pillar, front guard & just clipped the front wheel. If you had hopes of putting it back on the road, you would need to push out the pillar behind the drivers door, Replace fuel pump. Flush all liquids out, water, fuel, oil. the bottom sill near the drivers feel is out of shape <--- This is the major damage which ruled it out as a repair for me. the arm which holds the drivers side wheel in alignment would need to be replaced. I have a replacement door & glass for the car, but it doesn't bolt on cleanly due to the Sill damage. Originally I had hoped to repair the damage to the side pillar, however it's beyond my skills, & due to the uncertainty of what would be required to repair, I'm not willing to invest any money on it. The car has been sitting for near on 3 years now. Things I know about the car: About 180,000KM's on the car. Suspension & Exhaust have been replaced. Has a Strut Brace on the front. Handled like a dream. :-( Pod filter Interior is in average condition. The car was owned by a good mate of mine for about 7 years prior to me buying it, was a great car, very stock, no major mods to speak of. During the 7 years he owned it he replaced a good portion of the Exhaust, Suspension, New Turbo & general maintenance... Always had a mechanic do the servicing & upkeep. The SR20DET had been services regularly, the Turbo was replaced about a year before it went off the road. The only known issue prior to the accident was the fuel pump was in the process of giving up. As it's been sitting for quite a while, all the old fuel would need to be flushed out, oil dumped etc etc. It has about 180,000 KM's on the clock, & the clutch was done about 70,000 ago... it never slipped once in the 6 months I drove it. **Poor photo warning** It is MEGA windy here today & my phone was knocked off the table prior to taking the pictures... hence the pictures came out blurry! :-( Will try to update when it's not windy & I've repaired my phone. I can be contacted on XXXXXXX If I don't get any offers in the next 2 weeks, I'll be calling a wrecker... which I really don't want to do. This was one of my favorite cars & I'd prefer to know the parts are going to good use. The car is in Melton, about half hour west of Melbourne & will need a trailer to be removed.