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  1. Cobalt_Spec_R - It's half the width of the standard ballast! Alot lighter, and probably easier to mount! (Double sided tape VS bracket/bolt) nvs180sx - PM Sent. zekesil - Possible, but we won't be offering it sorry. We only stock UV resistant vinyls. Peace.
  2. MaHk - PM Replied. S14Boi - PM Sent. No more gearboots guys, and the attatchment uploader doesn't like us anymore so we can't post photos up! Anyone care to host them for us? Peace.
  3. Photo of Boots alone up, more photos when installed etc soon. Just need to find them on the system! NB: Actually they're not up.. the NS attatchment editor doesn't work anymore.. ARSR20 - PM Replied. Peace.
  4. transferring car from nsw to vic

    In some instances you may confirm the engine/vin numbers over the phone (ie. Previously registered in the state). You must make an appointment with vicroads to obtain fresh registration, as apparently only a certain number of "qualified" staff can handle the paperwork. Make sure you get there 20mins early, because if they call your name and your not there, you'll need to re-book it.. Bring: - Liscence - Registration Form - RWC - Proof of Sale - Old Plates (if applicable) - Registration Fees - Plate Fees - Stamp Duty Fees My car didn't get inspected at the office, as it got approved over the phone. They give you your new plates, new rego sticker and you'll be on your way. Peace.
  5. AnDyStYLe - Photos of everything will be up very shortly! Peace.
  6. Hey Guys, We now will offer Gearboots and Handbrake boots alongside our very own HID kits. More detailed information and photos on both of these later this evening. Here is some basic info: HID: All HID kits come standard with FREE set of matching parkers, 12 Months warranty, and NOW FREE EXPRESS delivery. H4 HI/LO variants incur a $35 surcharge to any type of HID kit. Standard: $165 delivered. Slim: $180 delivered. Adjustable: $210 delivered. BOOTS: Colour of base vinyl and colour of stitch can be of your choice. We have many colours available, best is to PM us with the colour combination of your fantasy. We now stock new supplier of vinyl, which is alot softer than the previous supplier's ones, which brings it even closer to real leather feel! Why we choose vinyl of leather? Because it's cheaper, looks better, smells better and is UV treated! Gearboot: $35 delivered. Handbrake boot: $35 delivered. Package: $65 delivered. PAYMENT: HID: Name: Address: Globe type: (h1,etc) Globe temperature: (8000k etc) HID type: (adjustable/nonadjustable) Amount deposited: ($999) BOOTS: Name: Address: Car make: (s13/s14/etc) Base colour: (black) Stitch colour: (red) Amount deposited: ($99) Name: zhongcreative Bank: ANZ BSB: 013365 Acc: 537537158 Please allow all orders atleast 7 days for delivery, it will usually arrive alot faster but please allow for customs holding/delays etc. We will deliver Australia-wide, extra charges for international orders. For further information or questions feel free to ask us directly via PM or on the thread! Peace.
  7. numloxx - PM Replied. NO FREE gearboots left guys! We may sell them seperately also soon with whichever colour you wish and coloured stitching etc, as demand for them is quite high. Look out for our new thread which we'll open very very soon! Peace.
  8. little-cherri - PM Sent. Only a few gearboots left guys, keep them orders coming! Peace.
  9. GUNSX - PM Sent. nvs180sx - PM ReSent. Please be patient, we try to check our inboxes daily, but sometimes we just don't have access to the internet! Photo of gearboot uploaded, more photos soon. We have a bunch of FREE gearboots left, so get those orders in guys. Peace.
  10. tougeR34 - We actually supply them now! Shoot us a PM! We still have plenty of gearboots fellas, we promise to put photos up soon, but we don't think they'll last much longer! Keep those interests/orders coming! Peace.