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  1. WTB: sr20ve p11 head

    Wtb: p11 sr20ve head preferably with cams/rockers, rocker cover, distributor and both solenoids if possible lower intake runners aswell. Pm me if anyone has this available forsale Cheers Chris
  2. Price : $1,300 Condition : Used selling Power FC with hand controller + Z32 afm and loom plug + Apexi super suction kit all to suit s15 silvia. all parts are in condition currently the car is tuned for 235kw on 18 psi with a tomei turbo, 550cc nismo injectors bc s2 cams. items are still in the car and running fine pm if interested or to ask questions cheers chris
  3. Gt2871r - $1,000

    Price : $1,000 Condition : Used I'm selling my gt2871r 56trim with the .64 exhaust housing, It's internal gate with a brand new garrett 8 psi actuator and 15psi actuator.. In excellent condition i can include a genuine greddy dump pipe for $200 aswell Never been over 15 psi boost! MSG for piks or details Turbo is still on the car and see how it goes!
  4. Power FC djetro

    The hand controller just sits in the apexi logo part, and doesn't come out of it The egi pump relay also clicks off its rocker when ign is on, I checked the wires at the relay the earth wire on channel #3 flickers like crazy doesn't stay constant
  5. Power FC djetro

    It's all jdm ecu,loom, motor, pfc. I wired up the ait sensor as per the pfc manual instructs to add the plug to pin 26 and join the ground to pin 21, and map sensor wire plugged into the side of the pfc.
  6. Hi, Im currently fitting an s15 jdm pfc d jetro and it won't start :/ it sounds like the fuel pump is being powered up but makes a funny ticking noise instead of the normal whirring noise the hand controller starts up also but just cranks, The car is an s13 with a jdm s15 engine loom and ecu the stock s15 ecu runs the car fine.. Would anyone have an idea what it could be? Cheers Chris
  7. No, but you can always buy some satin black paint at Supercheap... Driftworks are the distributor of HSD for the UK. Most of their coilovers are made with HSD parts but not all. Any, but they are made to order. I'm after a set of HT for an s13 what price can you do them for? And delivered to 4301 in Qld Cheers
  8. Any, but they are made to order. ok, what price are you doing them for?
  9. What can you do HT series hsds for?
  10. Hi, do you have any in 17x9 +17 in 4x114.3 pcd? And price delivered to 4301 in Qld cheers
  11. S15 engine loom into s13

    I have a s15 loom.. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought maybe the the ecu ran everything (power wise) all I needed to do was connect power to the ecu!!
  12. S15 engine loom into s13

    Lol the s13 motor has shat itself.. And I have a s15 that I can donor everything from.. Thanks for the offer ijoshi but I got a power fc d jetro for the s15 lol the s15 is no longer a road goer haha
  13. Hi, I'm wondering If anyone would have info on fitting a s15 ecu wiring loom to an s13? The s13 has a blacktop sr20det already but I want to run my s15 motor n ecu.. Mainly because I have a power fc d jetro for the s15 also that I want to run.. Any info would be great.. I've tried searching but found very minimal info on sweet fa! Cheers Chris
  14. Hi Ryan, what would be ideal clutch for my s13 it will have roughly 250kw maybe 270 on a more agressive tune.. It will be used as a time attack/ circuit car what would I be looking at product and hip pocket wise lol cheers

    Spotted a blue series one s14 with white project d rims around ipswich area just wondering if it's anyone on here?