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  1. S14 Kouki Front lip Trust/Greedy, factory rear half spoilers

    Just an example of my parts
  2. Nissan Silvia S14 kouki front lip Trust/Greedy Gracer $150 including free shipping Nissan Silvia S14 kouki factory rear half spoilers $110 including free shipping All parts made from plastified epoxy and structural fiberglass, unlike polyester FRP parts, quite elastically and able to withstand strike impact without crushing. Fitting no need, prepared to installation Btw, about polyurethane lip strength, I've lost 1/3 piece of it on highway, just because of small stone. With my material of course it's won't happen. Shipping by Post of Russia is free possible to any country. these links just for examples of my work Here is my group on social network http://vk.com/nissanfrp and just for example thread on russian skyline forum http://www.clubskyli...ic.php?p=347074 or MMC Galant forum http://www.vr-4.ru/f...ead.php?t=24660 (i guess chrome could translate it quite correctly) contacts email: nemetzzzz@gmail.com fb: https://www.facebook.../dmitriy.nemetz sms: +79172768212 whatsApp +79172768212 Pay possible by PayPal Kazan city, Russian Federation