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  1. 1/4 Mile Times

    I'm not sure of the whp, but my best is a 13.6@104 on a 10PSI t28. I'm running 18PSI now... I need to get back to the track! (and dyno)
  2. Stronger gearboxes

    A cheap alternative would be to pick up another stock gearbox and get the internal cryotreated.
  3. Truck intercooler on silvia

    The Isuzu NPR intercooler is known to be a good flowing and decently effecient intercooler. It doen't matter if it is from a truck or a tricycle. As long as it cools and flows.
  4. does skyline diff fit in s13's

    The R33 diff is an R200v so it should fit just fine. You might have to swap out diff covers though if you have an early model s13. The R33 will have 5-bolt output shafts so you will need new axles as well.
  5. How Much to clean Injectors

    Seafoam is the best "through-the-tank" injector cleaner IMHO. I'm not sure if you can get it in AU. But it doesn't even come close to comparing the results you get from an off the car ultrasonic cleaning.
  6. Scramble

    Usually, you wire in a momentary switch. Then program the controller to run a certain amount of boost more (or less) for a certain period of time. For example, you can program it so that when you hit the button you get 5 extra PSI for 30 seconds.
  7. It's not easy whatsoever. I know Motorex can do this for you but it is very expensive. Making it street legal is a very complicated process - lots of red tape. I don't think you can just do it yourself.
  8. correct speedo sender/calibration

    There is a potentiometer on the backside of the speedo that you can use for calibration. It looks like a little phillips-head screw.
  9. Cant hold boost

    That is common for t25's but a t28 should be able to keep up just fine. Do what you can to free up your exhaust from the turbo back to help minimize the backpressure. You also might want to check out your wastegate actuator - the spring may be bad.
  10. HKS makes a nice adjustable actuator. It is about $100 in the U.S. It has a stiffer spring and hold boost much better - you can actually use it as a cheap boost controller.
  11. How much boost can I run

    Ah, I forgot you guys get better fuel. Most we get in the states is 93 octane, and lots of places only get 91 octane. So you probably will be OK running more boost and a little leaner. What AFR's do you guys shoot for when tuning over here on 98 octane at say 1 bar?
  12. How much boost can I run

    Stock fuel injectors??? The 370cc injectors/stock MAF are only good for about 250whp safely. I wouldn't run more than 10 PSI on a t28 with stock injectors. With some larger injectors, 18PSI will get you close to 300whp.
  13. Missing on idle

    If the problem is spark plug gap... Too small of a gap can cause missing at idle, too big of a gap can cause missing at higher RPMs.
  14. BOOST SPIKE on my AVCR

    No that is not normal. A 3 PSI spike is wayy too much. Have you tried lowering your duty cycle? Do you have the learn functions on or off? for which gears? I have the AVCR and love it. I occasionally get a 0.05kg spike.
  15. T28BB or GT28rs (disco potato)

    It should be a pretty nice upgrade. On the SR a BBt28 is good for about 290whp and the GT28RS is good for 350whp. You probably won't give up any response either. If you want more power, I'd suggest the GT2871R .64a/r. It is the hot turbo in the US right now.