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  1. ADM S15 Spec R

    This was my pride and joy from 2007 to 2010. I thought I needed to sell it so I could get married, turns out I wouldn't of had to, which F-ing sucks but hey, it was a blast! Mods Included: - Full 3" Nismo Turbo Back Exhaust - Blow off valve deletion (for dat flutta) - Electronic Boost Controller - Auto Turbo Timer - T28BB Turbo - Cold Air Intake - Front Mount Intercooler - Tien Coils - Koni Adjustable Shocks - Exedy Cushion button clutch & lightened flywheel - Whiteline front and rear swaybars - Whiteline front strut brace - Custom paint on Brakes & Rocker cover - Upgraded to R33 Front Calipers & Rotors - 7" Touch screen LCD - 12" sub - 6.5" splits in front - 6" two ways in rear - Boost gauge in centre Vent There might be more - it was a while ago lol
  2. S15 CRASHED!!

    Hit a street light after losing the back end in a roundabout, clipping the curb and spinning into the street light. Ouch!
  3. FS: S13 Silvia 'project'

    PM'd ya
  4. FS: S13 Silvia 'project'

    Hey mate, Couple of questions: 1. Brick or projector headlights 2. What sort of suspension gear has it got? eg: complete stock, changed springs, coilovers, swaybars/strutbraces etc? 3. It terms of aircon etc has this got full electronic climate control or no? Thanks for you time Sean