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  1. Hi guys, I've got a few general questions that have been stressing me out like none other. I have a 2002, ADM 200SX S15. 120,000kms on it. Almost completely stock; dose pipe, exhaust and small boost increase. Problem 1 This one is really stressing me; Any time I put it into any gear, as I initially put it into gear and accelerate; I hear this odd rattling/grinding sound coming from near the front of the car but not as far front as the engine. This sound comes regardless of which gear I put it in and will only last maybe 3 seconds after I have just put it into gear and as soon as I accelerate a little. I have also noticed it lasts a little longer or comes back when I turn left and accelerate? I had the clutch replaced about 6 months ago to an excedy heavy duty, this sound has been coming for about 1-2 months maximum. Problem 2 There is a rattling sound that comes from the engine when I start the car cold. It completely goes away and doesn't come back if I put the car into gear and start moving. It also speeds up if I leave it in neutral and accelerate a little (before putting it in gear). This is been there for at least 6 months now. Any help on these issues would be hugeeeely appreciated, thanks heaps.
  2. "follow the wire from the fuse box" would have been a much easier reply buddy
  3. I was hoping for some detail in the exact location, colour and all that of the wire I would need to cut and add a switch to
  4. Hi, sorry, its a S15. so exactly where would the wire be, and what would it look like? would hate to accidently cut the wrong wire lol
  5. I am looking to instal a kill switch that's easily accessible from the drivers seat (I know it sort of defies the point of it) I wanted to put a switch in the fuel pump positive wire somewhere near the driver seat. Where would I start looking for this wire exactly? I'd hate to have to get to the fuel pump and trace it back. Thank you edit - sorry its a S15
  6. How much can a Clutch/Box Handle?

    thanks for the information everyone. So basically the box is anyones guess how much it'll take is my conclusion. However, in regards to the clutch itself, do these things effect it, and how do i wear the clutch quicker/ make it last longer? Is it similar to an engine where if i give it a flogging I should let it cool down before doing it again? or how does it work
  7. Just curious as to how much a clutch or gearbox can handle. I've got a stock-ish ADM 200sx with an excedy HD clutch about 10,000km old. Is popping the clutch in second gear at about 4k revs for a little fish tail that bad? And is launching the car by popping the clutch at say 2.8k rpm that bad? What sort of damage can this cause and how immediate would the damage be? I know this sounds like it has "hoon" written all over it, but it's just my general lack of knowledge on clutches and gear boxes which is the cause of this question. Thanks
  8. Some Brief Noob Questions - S15

    Thanks heaps for all that, puts my mind at ease a little. Another question though; With running rich, does it matter? Like my exhaust pops n shoots mini flames periodically, due to blocked bov are these flaames causing engine or internal damage?
  9. Hi guys, I have recently bought a 200sx S15, it was pretty much stock as a rock. I have searched far and wide and can't find specific answers to my questions, they are a bit noobish, but im still learning about s15s - 200sx vs Silvia - I understand there is a big power difference in the two due to the turbo being bush vs ball bearing and the tune and injectors, however, I don't quite understand how there can be an almost 40kw difference between the two. What basic mods would make a 200sx as quick as a silvia? - Intercooler - I have a stock intercooler on it, is there any risk of damage running 10-13psi on the stock intercooler? Or is it more of a thing that hinders performance? Current mods: full 3 inch exhaust boost restrictor removed Sorry again about the noobish questions, and thanks heaps in advance