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  1. SXDevelopments 180SX (SXD180) - CNC Shiny stuff

    this thread just cost me soooo much of my saturday...... but i regret nothing! top work! keep it up! Oh so keen to see this bad boy/girl running!
  2. It's finally running.

    who's this guy ^^^^ Sean???? ;-D

    booked in for tune on the 16th of June. New Tomei gears on the way also.... tax man should enable me to get some other special bits also.... fingers crossed. Will spend some time with Nath at Fabulous Fab for cooler pipes and exhaust clean ups! ;-)
  4. CAM info

    cams arent set perfectly off the machine and are required to be 'dialled' in to get the best results so far as timing etc is concerned. Best way to dial in cams is with he engine out etc measuring from the crank and cams. however most ppl just drop in cams in which case a tuner will make fine adjustments to the adjustable gear close up the head and have a look at timing etc.... adjust... and repeat as necessary. There is a lot of tech to cams and setting them then most realise and its not until you look at doing it properly that you realise how much is involved. ps. if you want parts at awesome prices go to nengun.com they ship to aus and its the cheapest place to buy parts. i run tome pro cams and rate them highly.
  5. Ladies and Gents, chasing a set of Genuine cam gears. Prefer Tomei items however, if you have another jam brand please don't hesitate to let me know what you have. Im only really after a new unused set or there a bouts. I can purchase a brand new set of Tomei gears for $300 so I'm after a good price if your looking to sell. Let me help you help me ;-) This weekend only as ill just buy new otherwise. Shoot me a PM if you have anything that your looking to sell. Cheers, Chris
  6. Built Sr20det S13 Unassembled - $12,500

    parting out?? may be interested in cam gears if still available
  7. Anyone on here own this tidy S14

    see this around strathpine/albany creek area quite a bit. NFI who own it though
  8. Price : $550 Condition : New BUMP
  9. what parts fit 180sx from silvia s13

    Sil80 or onevia. Only way to use either or panel is to completely change the front end assembly. Thats if your going for the look as previously described. Otherwise as you have been informed, doors are fine, guards are not.
  10. Price : $550 Condition : New Ladies and Gents, I have a brand new set of SRP PRO Forged race pistons to suite SR20de/t. Piston set is 86.5mm or 20thou over. Brand new in the box with JE racing ring set and pins etc! All install paper etc included inclusive of a fully sik JE Piston sticker!! SRP PRO are the latest design in piston from the company who are the sister company of JE! Hence the use of JE ring sets. Ring set is 1 - 1.2 - 2.8 Part Number is 282311 for your reference and research! At a cost of over $650 new. Save some coin and grab a bargain at $550. Neg on price and postage can be arranged accordingly into the price. Reason for selling is my previous engine guy stuffed up the hone and as such my new engine builder said we best be safe to go 40thou hence now i have 40thou. Please shoot me a SMS 0408 075 051. All inquiries welcome but if your gonna make some stupid offer don't waste my time. Cheers, Chris

    revive this thread!!! Customised breather lines. Speedflow black fittings with some teflon braid to finish it all off! Cars to come off run in tune soon. Turbo is getting long in the tooth though so i will be going a GTX shortly.
  12. Qld P-Plate exemption for turbo.

    Have good read of the exemption categories. They are quite specific as to why you require an exemption. If your apply for one just because you want a turbo car i don't think you will get it. If you do a dodgy and use it for work or uni reasons and are court driving outside the prescribed parameters then again you will be subject to fines for fail to comply with conditions of the exemption.

    New nismo 740cc injectors have arrived! Engine is bolted back together and turbo is strapped on! Intake and battery relocation will get completed over the weekend and then it's off for a tune! ;-D

    nice..... basically the 2 tuners im thinking of using.....

    New Nismo 740cc injectors on the way from the land of the rising sun and new SRP Racing Pistons with a 1.2mm head gasket to suite are also theirway! Will give me a bit to do on my day off after night work! Big decision is which tuner to use....... was thinking ECC. Anyone else have recent opinions/advice?