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  1. Normal Dyno figures?

    It might be worth investing in an electronic boost controller. Features like adjustable gain will allow you to prevent that high RPM boost drop off. But perhaps you should run the car on the dyno again with the new turbo first.
  2. Normal Dyno figures?

    Firstly, all dyno's are calibrated differently, so it's possible this is a low reading dyno. Looking at your boost curve, it tails away quite considerably towards the top end. Despite your peak boost pressure being 14psi, it drops down to about 11.5psi by redline. What are you using for boost control? I believe the stock BOV is prone to leaking pressure once boost is raised too.
  3. Random Parts and Wheels.

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  4. Before buying my car in Brisbane, I had the owner take it to Mercury Motorsport. They are a reputable workshop with plenty of s-chassis experience. I had my vehicle fully inspected & the engine compression tested there. If the owner is reluctant to take it somewhere for you, that might be your first clue as to it's condition...
  5. I have an Apexi AVCR electronic boost controller, Tomei dump pipe & brand new set of genuine Nismo 740cc injectors for sale. PM me for prices if you're interested.
  6. FS: S13/Silvia bits

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  7. Suspension.

    I've just purchased a set of Whiteline rear camber arms for my S15. The instructions recommended they be installed in conjunction with adjustable toe arms. Are rear toe arms necessary when correcting the usual s-chassis rear camber issues? My car is lowered on coilovers, but the ride height is very conservative.
  8. Suspension.

    What is your budget? Do you want rubber bushings or pillow ball joints? Is it predominately a street or track car?
  9. Is a walbro 450 too big for 180rwkw?

    With what fuel pump?
  10. Is a walbro 450 too big for 180rwkw?

    Ohhh really? I have been running a DW300 with stock wiring, injectors & FPR for about 6 months... I haven't encountered any issues yet, but if I do, at least I now know that could be why.
  11. Is a walbro 450 too big for 180rwkw?

    750bhp with a DW200? Mmm, not sure about that... You're right about an excessively oversized pump heating up the fuel. Depends how long until you're planning on upgrading everything. If it's only a few months, you could get away with it. No point in buying two fuel pumps if you can avoid it.
  12. Is a walbro 450 too big for 180rwkw?

    I was lucky to get mine on special for about $200 a while back, but I take your point. If you're aiming for 250rwkw+ on E85 in the near future, I don't think a 255 or DW200 would cut it. DW300 might be enough at that power level, but as you say, a Walbro 450 is probably cheaper anyway. A more powerful pump shouldn't be a problem, as long as the stock FPR can still effectively manage your fuel pressure. That will be the determining factor, as current draw won't be an issue with upgraded wiring.
  13. Is a walbro 450 too big for 180rwkw?

    Considering you have upgraded wiring already, if your FPR is working correctly, you should have no problems. If you decide to go smaller, I used the DW300 myself.
  14. Please DELETE

    Nissan Z32 Air Flow Meter Intake Kit
  15. Please DELETE

  16. Oli's ADM S15

    Do you really need to install Poncams for 220rwkw? I thought that would be attainable with the stock head. And curious to know how they increase the life of the VCT?
  17. S13 pulling one way

    I've never had stock or pillow ball bushings in my car, so I can't compare NVH. My car came with non-adjustable polyurethane bushes in the stock caster arms. I recently purchased some Hardrace caster arms with hardened rubber bushings. I'm yet to install them, but they appear to be of good quality. They're also available with pillow ball joints. Keep in mind pillow balls wear out much faster. Is the car your daily or predominantly a track car?
  18. S13 pulling one way

    Adjustable castor arms or even adjustable bushes in the stock arms will most likely solve this issue.
  19. I have always used Royal Purple HPS 10w40 too. Cheapest I've found it is Performance Lub (http://www.performancelub.com). It sells for $16 a quart (0.946L) + postage. Obviously the more you buy, the better the deal. Email Harold for a quote, he is very helpful.
  20. s15/s14 sr20 parts

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  21. Yes, try a softer setting on the spring. My S15 would flutter when I first installed my BOV before I lowered the spring pressure. If you still can't get a result you're happy with, Turbosmart sell springs with different pressures too.
  22. Exhaust people are running

    I have a similar full 3" system to pmod, but mine is completely off the shelf. Tomei dump pipe, Blitz front pipe, CES Racing metal cat & HKS Super Turbo catback. Mid muffler sits a little lower than I would ideally like, but my car isn't that low so I get away with it. Really quality exhaust with zero drone when cruising.
  23. Locky makes a good point about gaskets. The turbo to dump gasket is particularly important. I used a genuine Nissan gasket here for peace of mind.
  24. I got a total on Perfect Run of $293.73...
  25. If you decide to buy the Tomei dump pipe, have a look here: http://www.perfectrun.jp/src/detail.php?pid=40043&pname=EXPREME%20TURBINE%20OUTLET%20PIPE&maker=TOMEI&maker_id=40&result_mode=qui&carid=101025_10105&mcate_id[]=mct_14 Shipped for under $300.