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  1. HEY just got my first import

    Hello and welcome to the board! Hope you will have a lot of fun with your S-Chassis . Best regards
  2. Stay Classy - Rev-Vid´s 180SX

    Agree! I think Nistune is a great solution too. Further you got the possibility to drive on "flex fuel" and do "launch control" with the newest verion. The SAFC II has a setup for the 555 Nismo, but only T28 Tubro with 1bar boost. Thats the reason, why I´m driving 0,6 bar with the GT2871R 0,86. That´s buddy, I appreciate that
  3. Stay Classy - Rev-Vid´s 180SX

    As you maybe see, I'm searching a Nistune type 4 board for my S14a ECU. Otherwise Apexi power fc would be great to. Here in Germany we got some tuners, but it's hard to find someone who do his job in a serious way. But at least I think you got this problem everywhere. At the moment I got an Apexi SAFC II Black Edition, so it's okay. I don't drive in the German Winter (beginning of November - end of March) so at the moment I got time to get everything together . Cheers
  4. Stay Classy - Rev-Vid´s 180SX

    Hey mate, thanks for the compliment and the nice welcome . As you requested, here my speclist: Speclist Nissan 180SX hatchback S13 Owned the car back in Aug. 2009 rebuild in 2011-2012 Speclist 01/2015 Engine/Gearbox/Exhaust: S14a SR20DET Blacktop 555´s Nismo Injectors Garrett GT2871R 472560-5015 AR0.86 OEM Nissan Silvia S15 Oildrain kit Turboback with 2,5" Elbow and Downpipe (Japspeed) Deatschwerks DW300 Fuel Pump Genuine Nissan Z32 Fuel Filter NGK Iridium spark plugs - BKR7EIX Grinded flywheel 100 Cell Cat with Lambda screw thread PLX DM-6 With AFR Controller BOSCH LSU 4.9 and EGT Controller 3" N1 Catback (straight) 3” HKS Legal exhaust Circuit Sports exhaust hanger (blue) Apexi Power Intake Apexi SAFC II Black Edition Greddy Profec E-01 Boost Controller ACT Xtreme Performance Organic Street Clutch Kit HDI GT2 Tube and Fin FMIC S14/S15 Freddy Oil Pan (+1000ccm oil) DIF Bottom Mount Forged Turbo Coolant/Oil Lines Kit S14 SR20DET Nismo Engine and Gearbox Mounts Mobil 1 5W-50 Full Synthetic Engine Oil Liqui Moly GL4+ SAE 75-W90 Full Synthetic Gearbox Oil 16 row oilcooler with Mocal thermostat and braided lines Glysantin antifreeze (rest water). KOYO 2 Row Black Copper Radiator with Cap Blitz Dual Drive Super Sound blow off valve Nissan S14a LSD 25% lock 3% longer DEFI Boost, Oil temperature and Oil pressure gauges with type 2 control unit Rims/Tyres/Suspension/Break: BBS Le Mans reverse mounted F: 18x8 +35 R: 18x9,5 +40 Muteki SR48 (STEEL) extended racing lug nuts H&R 10mm spacers on the front Hankook S1Evo² F: 215/40R18 R: 245/35R18 (looks like 255) OEM Nissan S14a 5 stud hubs OEM Nissan S14a tie rod ends OEM Nissan S14a lower arms (wider than stock S13) Tein inner tie rod Cusco tension rod BC-Racing RM (Monotube) 30 way adjustable damping F: 8KG/mm R: 6KG/mm Nissan R33 GTS-T aluminium calipers F: 296x30mm R: 297x18mm HEL Performance braided steel brake hoses ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid Interior: OEM NISSAN R33 steering wheel BRIDE Shiftboot KAZAMA Shifter ALPINE CDA-9857R with Apple IPod control + 3,5mm plug for Mp3 Player Replaced rear audio system with JBL speakers Replaced front audio system with MAC-Audio Pro Flat 2.16 speakers with 80W RMS Thick new copper audio cable MDF audio board for the front system Exterior: OEM Nissan 180SX Kouki taillights with carbon panel and lower metal garnish OEM Nissan Silvia (S13) front with GTR grill and brick lights (fenders missing) OEM Nissan 180SX Roof rack with Thule fastener Engine parts: NISSAN 13028-53J03 Kit OE Complete Timing Chain Kit S13 S14 S15 SR20DET Nissan 13500-50F00 OEM S13 SR20DET Front Timing Cover Oil Pump Assembly Nissan 17342-01A00 Genuine OEM Fuel Pump Gas Tank O-Ring Gasket S13 240SX Nissan 78896-35F60 Genuine OEM JDM Silvia "A" Almighty Emblem 4x Nissan A2010-75F60 OEM SR20DET Cast Aluminum Piston Kit w/Pins - 86mm Standard Tomei 173004 Valve Springs Set KIT Type A SR20DET Tomei 163201 Titanium Valve Retainer Kit SR20DET Tomei 163003 Solid Pivot Lifter Set S13 S14 S15 SR20DET Tomei 13220R300 Rocker Arm Stoppers (RAS) SR20DET 4l Mobil 1 5w-50 Oil OEM NISSAN S13 200SX exhaust cheers
  5. Stay Classy - Rev-Vid´s 180SX

    Hey everyone, finally I signed in here and I´m glad that I did that. In Australia there are actually a lot of nice S-Chassis. But now to me. I´m Sahand from Germany, 25 years old and drive a 180SX. Did a lot of work on it in the last 5 1/2 years. The speclist is long and if anybody want, I can post it . This car is build to get fast around the corner and at least it is. I´m not a drifter, so that point is important for me. Here some pictures: Aug:2009 2011-2013 rebuild: Season beginning 2014: my new bbs le mans. refurbed them by myself: This was a short picture story. Did a lot more work on the 180SX, but for a overview its not bad I think . Here a shot video of my S13: https://vimeo.com/110338174 cheers
  6. I´m looking out for a S14A (kouki) ECU as listed above. Please offer me what you got. thanks a lot.