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  1. Just wondering if there is a power fc guru on the north side of brissy that can help with some final touches to get my sr conversion finished.
  2. Just wondering if anyone can confirm I have nismo 740 injectors. Cheers
  3. Would it be the apex setting or there is 4 other option to chose from.
  4. It's a genuine apexi one if that helps
  5. Need to calibrate a new apexi map sensor on my power fc d jetro, was running a map sensor but don't know what type it was. Just wondering if there is a way to calibrate the new map sensor with only the hand controller or is it only with fc datalogit. Cheers
  6. Power fc timing help

    Ok think I may have timed it incorrectly to start with, I lined up the chain and cams right but I put the crank at 15deg not 0deg as per the write up. So when the engine warms up it should read 15deg with a timing light?
  7. Power fc timing help

    Off the ignition map can I tell what my engine timing should be
  8. Power fc timing help

    I haven't used a timing light yet just used the timing marks on the crank with cams and timing chain method
  9. Power fc timing help

    I had it timed to the last timing mark on the right and it idled, retimed it to the stock position now it won't idle what am I missing
  10. Power fc timing help

    I've timed it as per the write ups and all the fuel side of things are new so no problem there. I'll reset the timing with the cas to standard and see how it goes from there.
  11. Power fc timing help

    This is a copy of the ignition map from the hand controller
  12. Hi guys just after some help with timing my sr20det. I have a power fc that has a tune already but engine has not run in 2 years. Finally have the engine running but the idle is horrible and wanted to make sure I have the cas timed to the tune. I had a look in the ignition map with the hand controller and the lowest number is 11 and highest is 30. Am I correct in assuming that I should time the cas to 10 - 15 deg or am I totally wrong. Cheers Jason
  13. WTB sr20 splitfire coils

    Would you take $200 plus shipping mate
  14. WTB sr20 splitfire coils

    Looking for a set of splitfire coils for my s14 sr20det
  15. wtb billet throttle body

    Depends on quality and condition