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  1. Hey guys not sure of this is the correct part of the forum to post this in but here go's. Has anyone got the flow vs voltage data that i need to put into my powerfc datalogit to run an r35 afm in a 80mm pipe???? I know theres a couple of guys on here that r using r35 afms with powerfc. Any help would be great guys!! Cheers!!
  2. sr20 lacking power!

    Much love for the ca's!! God i miss my s13. Sold it when i moved overseas a few years back. Timing map for the s15 u mean??
  3. S14 200kw third gear doesn't feel fast

    Have u got shitty ebc problems like i had???
  4. sr20 lacking power!

    the search begins lol.
  5. sr20 lacking power!

    cheers for that. i will need the s2 r33 driveshafts too right??
  6. sr20 lacking power!

    Oh and yeh i totally agree about the diff. is there such thing as an r33 4.1 diff that has the right abs sensor or do I need to get crafty to make my speedo work?? i'm not too sure either why he went the nismo box, 1st gear is something like 2.5:1 so i think that is exaggerating the shitty diff ratio. and the clutch is fukn annoying! no cushion springs on a single mass flywheel. makes horrible noises on overrun. will get snaps and put up a members ride post this weekend!!
  7. sr20 lacking power!

    thanks for ur post pmod. dont worry i know full well how useless the people in my trade can be, I have seen unspeakable things... anyway I have pretty much sorted it out. it was the evc playing up and a minor boost leak at high psi. these HKS evc's are like a friggin dark art, u kind of need to trick it to get it to work spot on. mid range is there now and the car feels much better everywhere. TIME FOR MORE TUNING!! The metal intake pipe is definately on my list. gonna go with an r35 gtr afm setup. i will post up what data are needed to get the 35gtr afm (in a 76mm internal diameter pipe) to work with powerfc once my mate has sussed it out. i have seen a few topics on it but no one has really given a solid answer yet. does anyone sell decent priced metal intake pipes for s15's?? i just want one that will bolt onto the standard s15 inlet neck, but if i need to change it I will. Protius cheers for the heads up!! i might just chuck cam gears in it and re-tune it. fc datlogit, techedge and a mate who is a tuning freak ftw!!
  8. sr20 lacking power!

    mm i doubt that. is there an easy way to tell? the original owner of this car was a cashed up chinese student and he didnt skimp on this thing. nismo box, nismo coppermix clutch (which i dont recommend! get an orc) tein monoflex coillovers etc etc. so i doubt he chuck a shitty turbo in it.
  9. sr20 lacking power!

    oh yeh i get a bit of vct rattle on start up! could that be a factor??
  10. sr20 lacking power!

    hahahaha maybe thats the case. c63's are still the workshop favourite. those engines are just too fukn manic. replaced a motor the other week actually, $120,000 for an amg crate motor!! makes the tomei sr22 sound pretty fukn good aye hahaha. nah i really peg my sil against my old s13. it was a ca18 with an s15 turbo and supporting mods, it made 200kw at the wheels on about 20psi and it made power everywhere and revved like a motorbike! i dont expect the sr to rev like the ca but i do expect it to produce that great part throttle and midrange pull. there is definately something slightly off about this motor and the second i figure it out i am gonna do the biggest fukn victory burnout!!
  11. sr20 lacking power!

    I set base actuater pressure in the evc at 5psi, gain about 150% and boost 13 psi. actual peak boost is 17. i tried a few different setups and this seemed to give me the best response. still doesnt feel anywhere near right though. it spools well and the boost needle picks up nice and quickly, just still feels gutless and choked up. will check the base timing as soon as i get my hands on a timing light, hopefully this week. i work for mercedes n we dont really have typical timing lights in the workshop lol. thanks for all the replies guys.
  12. Hi everybody! Names Adam and i'm new but not new to the forum, i used to be on her allot years ago when i had a ca s13. anyway my issue is with my new jdm s15. I am a mechanic by trade and know my way around cars but this thing has got me stumped. I have been in many 200kw silvias and know how fast and punchy they are. my s13 made 200atw and was a rocket. my new silvia just isnt pulling though!! here is the mods list. power fc. feul pump. evc4 set to peak around 17 psi. front mount nismo gearbox. full hks super silent exhaust It still runs the standard turbo, injectors and afm. but i thought this would be ok seing as i am only really aiming for that 200atw figure with a beefy midrange. my problem is the engine just feels weak. like its choked up or something. it just doesnt want to rev freely or build boost as angry as it should. judging by the gauge the turbo is making boost fine, and pulling vacuum fine. I have a wideband o2 sensor and the afrs are fine so fuel isnt the issue..my last theory which i havnt checked is base timing.. if anyone knows of any random issues with sr20s that could cause this lack of power then please do let me know!!! all exhaust gaskets seem fine, wastegate seems fine..the evc seems to be behaving ok. i cant really think of much else at the moment. Thanks in advance for any help guys!! i am just getting this feeling that its something stupid that i am missing like when my ca's inlet ports shutoff stopped working and i wracked my brain trying to figure why my car felt so slow..