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  1. Lets high five when we sail past each other in our yachts!
  2. Haha thanks man! XD what's doing? long time no NS spam from you LOL Oh you know living the dream, blowing SR's and daily-ing RB's You? Haha yea it's been a while hey!
  3. If you don't know the differences between your fuses and replaced it with one double the rating after it blew can I suggest going to a sparky to fix this (speaking as an auto elec myself) you're going to need to get another loom or patch it (I only recommend patching it if you know how to solder and what gauge wires you should be using)
  4. 1990 Nissan 180sx - $5,000

    Hahahahaha. Perhaps he is unfamiliar with the female reproductive system
  5. Pretty much plus one to everyone else. For the sake of a few hundred go buy a Bosch 040 (or something similar if you have an aversion to Bosch). An engine is only strong as it's weakest link.
  6. Loki's zil80

    Definitely! We can go sailing sometime Keen on Sunnybank bubble tea? Dude! Holy shit, the large scoop had reproduced and had a baby scoop offspring D: D: And yewww sounds the goods, bubble tea is amazing!
  7. Break in :(

    Perhaps a quick release wheel. If you aren't driving it everyday though pull out the ECU, I used to do this with my Power FC in my 180 when I'd stay places other than home to do track days when it was still street registered.
  8. Loki's zil80

    Girl I'm excited you have a 33 for daily life too. We need to catch up
  9. Agreeing with the tape option. I had clips on my old AW11 for my weathershields and they were rattly and suss (probs different for new ones but still)
  10. Merry Christmas!

    Ho Ho Ho
  11. Okay guys, so I'm going to be doing some short youtube video tutorials on common electrical issues that we have with s chassis cars.. why s chassis well I own one for starters and most of the members on here own them. I have a few that I already am starting to work on, basically I will be going through a common issue, explaining it to you and show you how to diagnose the issue, I'm going to do it in a visual format (youtube) so it's easier to understand and less chance of confusion. What I want from the hardtuned members is any common issues etc that you would like me to run through for you, please don't suggest full rewires etc as that's not something that can be done for a simple video. I will then put them up here in the how to archive so members can use them for reference. If there was something you'd like me to run through on a tutorial please let me know so Cheers, Mandi
  12. Cold cranking amps is referring to starting yes, the amount of amps it can give to engage the starter motor when cranking. CCA stands for cold cranking amps so you are kind of correct, but not cold weather, it's referring to cold starts as in when the engine hasn't been runnig and is completely cold.... Nothing to do with weather. Well yes weather effects how a cold engine will start, in winter it's harder for the engine to turn over due to resistance etc. The CCA rating is not directly related to weather but the ease in which an engine will turn over will differ in different temperatures. Rule of thumb, the more current the better.
  13. This is my build thread, car was originally a street used car as well until the tards at Transport put a stop to that.. 1992 Nissan 180sx, manual, with a blacktop type x sr20det MODS Engine GReddy Front mounted cooler Zorst (tomei style dump, front pipe, catback and flutes at rear) Rocker arm stoppers GT2871rs disco tato z32 afm 740cc nismo injectors Bosch 040 fuel pump Cams Tomei oil pan Drift? catch can Pod air filter and metal induction pipe Suspension Greddy coilovers front & rear with camber tops Front strut brace Steering rack spacers Adjustable caster bars JJR hardened tie rods JJR adjustable tie rod ends Drivetrain Standard 180 box Exedy brass button clutch Shimmed diff Electrics Apexi power fc n hand controller Greddy profec b II Ebc Boost gauge Alarm & immobilizer ^.^ Exterior ca pig nose front bar S14a jdm front bar s13.4 conversion guards s14a bonnet s14a headlights/corner lights standard rear bar lowered black respray Custom airbrushing, base coat res various mandatory stickers for the tas drift competition F1 mirrors Topstage roof wing Origin duckwing Aero plastic skirts Vertex skirts Greddy grace genuine plastic front lip Origin style 25-30mm rear wide guards Interior Type x interior Greddy gear shift GKTech deep dish steering wheel Future mods S14a front (have bonnet, headlights, corner lights) on Respray Undisclosed rims 17x9 +12 fronts 17x9.5 0 rears aswell as 15x8.5 -8 and 15x10 -40 longchamps Velo seat Origin type duckwing spoiler Rear lip to be fitted Factory skirts GReddy gracer front lip CAMs approved roll cage Tuned by Andy @ Pro Automotive! Let me just say was a pleasure to go there, was patient and did a good thorough job and very friendly! Powerssss 195rwkws @ 13.56psi 222.1rwkws @ 17psi Can chuck up dyno sheets later on. I got the car about 18 months ago, bought it off ebay ^.^ he looked heaps different when I first got it (actually tidy minus the fitment disaster wheels). Anywho just to bring this thread up to speed is a few things Ive done since owning it. A few pics below of what Ive done, will try keep it brief. This is what it looked like when I first got it... Not styled to my liking but got it for a great price and it was what I was after (s13/180). First thing I did was pull the decals off the side. Got hold of a set of drifteks (Black, multistud 17x9.5 +18 front & rear, wrapped in federal 595s 235/45/17s) and threw on various stickers for the track to keep CAMs happy. Entered my first drift practise day (Dec 09') and came away with a rubber water hose at the rear of the engine being cut through by those terribad worm drive hose clamps and a touch up on the front passenger side headlight after smacking into the tyre wall at the bottom of the S's at the track. Other than than no majors and car ran well I entered last years state drift series purely for the fact to get as much track time as I can to improve myself. Practise practise practise! To get the car re-rego'd (as bought the car from another state) I had to pull off the kit and put the 18s back on the car and raise it up, all the boring things no one wants to do to their car. So it all came off and I got hold of standard rear bar and a ca front bar, chucked them on and sprayed them in primer, looks pretty ratty but better than bright red/maroon imo. Used 400grit sandpaper and primer in a prssure pack XD loves it. I have since relowered the car and ran some drift days with the drifteks on it, I had to put a 5mm spacer on the front as the wheels kept smashing into the coilover on hard lock at the track, they also munched into my main wiring loom running along the driver side, which when it did it I was on the track and the headlights kept popping up when I entered a corner lol and the horn earthed out and I had to drive the rest of the way around the track an in the pits with the horn going off, kinda embarrassing As you can see from the last pic the loom now sits on the lip/seam rather than under it, completely removing any possibility of some tyre on wire action. Ran out of time for a bash plate so the last track day (few weeks back) I did terrible all day with a combination of shitting myself about smashing my new sump on the ripple strip (which sits a good deal lower than the stock one) and poor quality tyres spinning me off the track, wasnt a good day in regards as far as progression was concerned. Also in one of my battles my brakes line split and put the car out of more battles :/ From the day though I have taken a new found appreciation for good quality tires, the combination of power, speed and bad tires has been learnt. Here is a few pics I have seen of me on track, the car atm is in dire need of presentation, especially considering how many of the other cars down here have really stepped it up on vehicle presentation, the turbo shat itself a few weeks back so hence buying the gt2871rs so the new s14 front was put on hold for a bit. Hopefully guards will be ordered soon.
  14. Cheers, I like the paint too! Thanks mangg, now to get it ready for Japnats. You should enter!
  15. Haha It's a fun little track, I'll be more keen for Mallala once the 180s ready again but.
  16. Thanks, bf did an awesome job on it! Some footage of me (Starting at 1:04) trying a sneak attack to pass on the inside of the boyfriend, worked only to spin like a retard. Haha oh well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzgEDPP5Hh8
  17. Yea good to be back in the seat, annoying about the engine but not to worry. Yea I think it looks awesome
  18. Haven't updated for ages, so drove the car last month at Michael's private track day at Tailem. Never driven the track before so was hell excited to get back out driving and somewhere new. I pulled off my turbo and manifold and fixed the actuator and leaks in between the manifold, and got a mobile thread doctor to retap my oil line in my block while I had the turbo off. It only took my 40minutes to completey unbolt turbo and manifold off the engine/exhaust so pretty chuffed with my times getting quicker. Me being retarded didn't get new steer tyres (over 15months old yuck) so I had a bastard of a time trying to get the car not to understeer everywhere, regadless of that I had fun and at the end of the day was getting alot quicker on my entries! Boyfriend (sleeper_13) and I had spent a while before hand re-doing his KE to have the same battle/apocalypse theme as mine and he put a new stronger built SR in so was great to finally drive with him for the first time! Low light of the day was my vacuum line to my boost controller came off at my last run (was pretty hot only speculating that it it's expanded and slipped off because it was when I'd been going around continuously at the end of the day where there was no line up) and ran unlimited boost through it which has shot off or split one of my oil lines, car dropped it's oil exciting the track so I guess will just pull it out and replace what's fcked Anyway here are some pics the talented boyfriend took and a video he put together from our day! Thanks to Michael for holding it, much appreciated for the time and effort you and everyone else spent on holding the day http://vimeo.com/80781592
  19. Absolutely!! Yea I'm so keen to get into the 180 again!! Oh the nicest! Burnt feet and all haha. You know I got burnt on my back from just being outside that short amount of time!?
  20. Yah still have the 14, haven't fitted the equips (they are still in Qld at a mates house, need to get them sent down) Been concentrating on the 180 so it's ready for this prac day coming up in a few weeks, awesome bf got me type x lights for it, so so happy
  21. Awesome, can you send me a pic please?
  22. Nah looking for a secondhand one!
  23. UPDATE: Looking for Z32 AFM, preferably with plug, in good working condition.
  24. Price : $111 Condition : Used After a Z32, preferably with plug, in good working condition. Located in SA, will buy interstate if price is right.