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  1. S13 upgrade questions and help needed

    Hey everyoneee, So first off i know nothing about anything to do with cars. I can not jack a car up nor change any kinds of oil, just so everyone knows how bad i am. My dad and brother know how to do the mechanics but i need help with what parts to use, my goal is to just have a gripy as f**k STREET car. The mods already done are, HANDLING: *R32 GT-R rear swaybar *GKTECH Steering rack spacers *Tein HE coilovers *Cusco rose jointed adjustable castor arms (professionally rebuilt when installed for a hefty price) *Work Ryver Independence mesh wheels (17x8 and 17x9) BRAKES: *R32 GTST Front calipers (Alloy 4-pot, unlike 200sx which is steel) *Upgraded and upsized the brake master cylinder *Brand new slotted rotors, 4-stud drilled from blanks (rather than re-drilling 5-stud) DRIVELINE: *Manual transmission (turbo version) installed done at 13x,xxx km *Exedy HD turbo clutch (larger diameter than the N/A clutch) *Redline Lightweight oil used in the gearbox *KAAZ 2-way Limited Slip Differential (using genuine KAAZ diff oil) That's copied and pasted from the cars add when i bought it just so we again are on the same page as to whats already done to it BUT coilovers are hard as f**k and probably have no oil left, leaky break caliper and the tyre was on belts then came off the rim SO it now has Nankang NS-2R's all round. what are some mods that i can do to get it gripping as in what springs are people running is there a better coilover that isn't $1000 swap over rate, what brake rotors and pads should i use, strut braces etc etc i want to learn about this and see what brands will get me the best performance but not pay through the ass. Thanks!!!

    sent you a message BrownieS15 !!

    Hey guys, I need some S13 rear pods. I have cash waiting just need someone with them. If you maybe want to sell them but you're not sure just message me money will change your mind when its in your bank ahah. i've been looking for months, someone has to have a set. Thankkkkzzz

    Hey guys n gals! i was hoping someone out there had a genuine 2-slat grille for an s13 if you do or your friend does i WILL pay whatever you want. i need a genuine one!!! also pods! i need a set and will pay a good price for good conditioned s13 aero pods! Thanks!!
  5. S13 Aero parts WANTED!

    Hey guys! I was hoping someone on here, preferably in SA, has some good quality GENUINE aero parts! Pods, Skirts, Grille (i've seen Nismo actually made a GTR style Grille for s13's) Roof wing. If anyone has any i neeeddddz them! Thanks!!