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  1. Make : HONDA CIVIC Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 100000 Price : $18,600 Condition : Used Hi all, selling my ep3. Only reason being is that after 3 years of ownership I want something else. Excellent condition ep3, it has all the good bits on it already. Nothing more to spend! Gruppe M intake (excellent sound); Harder springs; Strut brace; Mugen exhaust; Mugen front grill; EP3 facelift model headlights; Rear speakers (ep3's didn't come with these from factory); CD player; Immobiliser; Have original parts and can throw them in if required. This includes the original japanese owners manual. Car was serviced on 19/10/12 - oil, gearbox oil, spark plugs all changed. I won't be parting out the modifications, all will be sold with the car. Please call/sg with any queries 0422 470 022. Genuine offers only.
  2. Cool cars for cool dudes

    Yes yes so true those dc2r's and Mugen Civic Type r's really are for the pose crew
  3. So tell me what did we do to piss them off. My understanding is that the movie was made by an american in the u.s and has nothing to do with Aus. So please, enlighten me as to why they took this action and its acceptable due to us pissing them off...
  4. Flouro over vht paint

    Why do people jump on HT when they're canning on?
  5. I remember that. It was a bayside blue one, that once featured in speed magazine. Very sad story.
  6. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    A bit put off today. I was real keen on one until I got a call from the local toyota dealership. Very pushy to the point of opening the conversation with asking when I wanted to put a deposit down! Thanks mate but not buying from you!
  7. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Good write up Varvs. Pretty keen to go check one out myself and take it for a run.
  8. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Saw a white one today heading to mac pass, definitely looks the bit. Mate of mine who works for toyota aus has one as his current rep car, havent seen him for a week so cant tell you his thoughts sadly. Im definitely getting tempted
  9. Make : HONDA CIVIC Transmission : Kilometres : 94500 Price : $18,000 Condition : Used Hi all, Looking to sell/swap my ep3. Details include: Kms: 94,500 Mugen exhaust Gruppe M intake Harder springs Facelift model hid headlights Mugen front grill Exterior condition is good, scratch on front bar that I believe occurred in a shopping centre carpark Interior condition is excellent Rego till August 2012 Great little car that is underestimated, same chassis as a dc5r yet comes with upspec k20a engine. Owned for 2 years and love it but want a new toy. Looking for $18k for it, but would prefer swaps so I dont have to bother looking around for another car. Prefer to swap for an s15 but let me know what you've got and ill have a think about it. Will soon throw some more pics up...
  10. Stock market, Who invests?

    Astaroth you missed the point (and your comment is very confusing). He's not looking for financial product advice, but guidance on the basics of the sharemarket. Gurglar there is a 'how to' section on the asx website, that may be of help. Or have a look on a broker site such as comsec I do play on the market but havent for a few months. I use a website called hotcopper.com.au but do be mindful that it is the speculative end of the market and is quite risky
  11. Its called 'exhibition of acceleration'. Yes you can be pinned for accelerating to fast if it is deemed to be a dangerous act. For example you accelerated quickly past a lady with a pram. This applies in NSW not sure if its the same in SA.
  12. Not sure why the heavy focus on this, car modding is a hobby for us. Perhaps we should stop modding the cars and take up herroin and ice... then they will have a bigger problem than a person putting a 2 litre engine in a car originally designed with a 1.8L
  13. Get your money back from the weasel... they tried to do you over
  14. Had my licence for 6 years now. I started on a Honda Spada > Yamaha R6 > Kawa zx6r Definitely do it, i find it so much more fun cars, plus bang for your buck its ten fold better than a car (this was the reason I got my licence inititally)
  15. Toyota FT-86 Series 2 Concept

    I found out the pricing on friday from a guy who works for Toyota Australia (not just a dealer). Pricing is as follows: type 1 (base model): 38k type 2: 44k Not sure if this is on road or just the cost of the car itself (I didnt ask that question) He has sat in them and said that the difference is in the finish. He said that you'd have to go the type 2 as its much nicer inside. Personally im dissapointed and think they are priced to high given that the car was designed to be an entry level sports car. Im going to stick with my type r for the time being