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  1. the perfect sr20 turbo

    seems like a huuuuuge pain to get the efr but definitely the best imo. they are just such good turbos. i thimk im going to give a couple fab shops a call and my tuner a call see if anyone has any experience and a rough price. although if its through the roof i might save it all for another day and do it with all the bells and whistles.
  2. the perfect sr20 turbo

    i was looking at the EFR 6758 on the t25 flange so it would bolt straight up to standard manifold. it made 303rwkw on e85 and almost identical boost curve and spool rate are a t28bb. the efr seems to kill the garrets in response and power on a very similar size turbo. does anyone know what it would take to get the efr to fit with a standard manifold or even with a 6 boost?
  3. the perfect sr20 turbo

    the 2871 with vband turbine housing only come in a .57 or .72
  4. the perfect sr20 turbo

    so lately ive been searching for the perfect all round sr turbo. it has to be good for daily street, track, drift, drag, so the aim is 260rwkw and full boost by 3500-3800. mods to the car are: EBC, blitz front mount, z32 afm, 3' intake dose pipe, split fires, 3' turbo back w/ hi flow cat, GFB bov (blocked anyway), nistune, 040 pump, sard fpr, nismo 740cc injectors. currently sitting at 210rwkw on the standard non bb s15 turbo. Now the plan is to drop in some tomei poncams 256/256 11.5mm (keeping vct) and a low mount twin scroll 6 boost manifold with twin gates (if twin scroll). but stuck between 4 different turbo set ups. gtx2871 single scroll .64 (this option would keep the stock manifold) gtx3067 twin scroll .61 or .83(.83 is probably too big for sr) gtx3071 twin scroll .61 or .83 so far the 2871 seems like the most suited because it would be the faster spooling turbo that would reach the 260 mark, but is it worth going for a bigger twinscroll set up? also, is it worth going for a vband 6 boost manifold with external gate or keeping the standard manifold and internal gate on the 287.
  5. S15 tyres >:D

    personally I went a 17x9+25 on the front, no scrub what so ever, although they do poke maybe 1-2mm all guards rolled but not lipped/pumped on the rear I'm running the same size and they stick out as well maybe 1-2 mm but I have a heap of room between coilovers and tyre on the rear. I've seen people push 10's rear with a decent amount of offset and a gaurd lip. tyres I'm running atr sports, they're cheap and last forever, honestly they're fine for street driving, on a couple spirited drives they do handle okay but I have had to limit myself on occasions because it will kick out (I'm pushing 200rwkw) although once you start pushing them they do like to break traction. so if you are planning hard driving and track days go something more quality like said above.
  6. why won't my 180 make reasonable power?

    I had a restriction on my s15 when I went on the dyno, ended up with a 3' intake pipe and a z32 afm and a turbosmart 14psi actuator. have not had a single problem since then and I made 200rwkw on a non ball bearing t28
  7. Located Brisbane/ Gold Coast happy to use post but preferably pick up
  8. oem fog lights to aero bumper

    damn! hahah. thanks pmod
  9. hey guys, looking at buying fog lights although I've already put money aside for the aero bumper. my question is will the oem mesh fit the aero bumper and if so what would I have to do? or is it just worth looking for aero mesh
  10. s15 sr20 200-250kw turbo debate

    I love the format of the dyno print out btw hahah
  11. want to swap s15 no holes boot for gt /jdm wing with boot pewter preferably with the centre support deleted! my boot is in good condition, no scratches, dents ect. message me directly on here or text me on 0432562257, located 4118 QLD
  12. is twin scroll really worth it?

    i may have to just bite the bullet and test out the 6758, ill let everyone know how to goes haha
  13. Turbo opinion

    and also 99% of the efr failures are the first of the line designs, efr are trying newer things where garret have been using pretty much the same stuff for years. if you have a look years ago when garret first started their line im sure you'll find a lot of failures
  14. Turbo opinion

    i really doubt thats going to happen at 420hp
  15. Turbo opinion

    From all the research ive been doing lately the efr's are killing the gtx all over the map, and massive difference in mid range and tangient response in favour to the efr. I was comparing a gtx3067 and a efr 6758 though...