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  1. Toyota Corolla KE70 $700

    Dont want cash?
  2. S15 parts, Work CR Kais, GT30 housing

    wait hold up.... where is the fruit?
  3. 1 of your s13s..... how many you got bro? share the love
  4. Sucks dude.... did you catch them in the act?
  5. Mechanical Stuff - Sabbadin Automotive Tuning- Trent at chequered tuning / Rob at Sabaddin Automotive Online stuff -- Streeter all the way Alignment - Traction Tyre ps... what area of melbourne are you in ? this will dicate the workshops i imagine
  6. Cleaning new intercooler?

    Picking up intercooler tonight .... so i will post up what i end up doing thanks all for advice/ recommendations ps. sorry to hijack post
  7. Cleaning new intercooler?

    Nice... is that the bunnings spray paint?
  8. Cleaning new intercooler?

    I have heard mix responses about powdercoating the core; can you outline why you would not do it? Just to clarify - i am not looking for some magical reduction in temps by getting it coloured black; it is purely to avoid notice as best as i can (until i can source a stock airbox). Praise the Vic 1 intake mode rule.
  9. Cleaning new intercooler?

    my bad that should have read 'clean and shiny' Thanks for the details Johnnilicte, Varvs and pmod
  10. Cleaning new intercooler?

    i have a new (new for me; secondhand tho) cooler kit on the way..... and i am planning on getting it powdercoated. Will White vinegar / carby cleaner be good enough to prep it; or will i need something stronger? Cooler is not painted (raw alloy) but i want to make sure its all cheap and shiny prior to powdercoating Any thought?
  11. Hi all, Need some parts as i will be chasing some power from my mostly stockish S15. Have cash waiting and ready to go - looking for: High Flow 3 inch cat Rear muffler 3 inch Turnflow FMIC (Core only or full kit) Come at me with what you have lying around. Cheers
  12. S15 and S14 parts for sale

    PM'd about boot + spoiler
  13. Aftermarket Steering Wheel + Boss Kit

    Steering wheel noob here - but i assume you are talking the diameter of the wheel.... (see photo). It appears to sit around the 330mm mark.
  14. Aftermarket Steering Wheel + Boss Kit

    One more photo - this is what it looked like installed in my S15