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  1. S15 Gearbox/Diff Oil

    Thanks R0berto for your response, but not that interested in the redline stuff, Just need to know about the API GL-4/GL-5 gradings and wither to use Synthetic or Mineral?
  2. S15 Gearbox/Diff Oil

    Sorry to be a pain, but i have another question regarding the oil grades. I know the gearbox needs API GL-4 75w-90 and the diff needs API GL-5 but with Motul gear 300 it API GL-4/GL-5(both) Would that damage the diff or gearbox in some way it being both? and for the diff do i run the same viscosity 75w-90? Synthetic or Mineral? Thanks in advance
  3. S15 Gearbox/Diff Oil

    Oh okay awesome, im not too fussed about the price aslong as it performs smoothly. Thanks heaps!
  4. Thanks for your help guys but when i installed it magically it already had 2 brake lights and i didn't have to modify anything which is weird for it being an aus spec
  5. Hello there, I know there are alot of topics regarding the same question, But i need some clarification. I am doing a major service on my completely stock S15 Spec R i am thinking of putting Motul Gear 300 75w-90 in the gearbox and helical diff. The oil is API GL-4/GL-5 does that mean i can use it in the diff or does it have to be GL-5 only oil and would full synthetic be okay or would it need mineral and is the grading 75w-90 okay since the manual is saying to use 80w-90. Sorry for all the questions just need a bit of help thanks
  6. Oh okay, I checked out those links before I posted this but i couldn't really understand how to do it since all the pictures are broken. Could i get an auto electrician to install them because i don't really know alot about wiring. Thanks
  7. Yes I did but no reply sadly =[ Would you have a rough idea what you would need to do?
  8. Hello, I own an S15 Spec R (Aus Spec) I would like to change the tail lights to Mars Clear Red LED tail lights but it says on the description of the light that I need to modify them before installing. What would i need to do to make them fit or to change the wiring for them to work? Would Appreciate some help Thanks