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  1. For sale 1989 S13 import needs compliance low k's.

    The car is manual engine is ca18 det engine interior all very clean and tidy.
  2. For sale 1989 S13 import needs compliance low k's.

    Don't believe so,the mechanic who put engine back together said it would be fine to do he's a compliance guy and Japanese car specialist and dotars didn't say anything about that.. if that's the case we may as well throw it in the bin! Will do some more research but like I said the mechanic said it would be fine,we just have no time and don't have the money to pay for it all to be done.
  3. SOLD Imported car from Japan 10 years ago,started to work on it but couldn't continue with it,no time or money to finish it, regrettable sale but necessary unfortunately. Car needs to be complied and registered in sa,it's in good condition with really low k's as it hasn't been driven really since 2005. We've just had the engine put back together so it is running. New battery and head has been reconditioned. Great car would like it to go to a good home would like $4000 for it there is also a roll cage that's been taken out and loads of spare parts if wanted! Really keen to sell.