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  1. Ls1 conversion help ( sorry )

    So this one? http://www.wilwood.com/MasterCylinders/MasterCylinderProd.aspx?itemno=260-10372 Will that still work with the standard Holden clutch line or will I have to get one made up?
  2. Ls1 conversion help ( sorry )

    ^^^^ that's for a left hand drive car they still have room to run the master cylinder in the engine bay. On the right hand drive cars the head is in the way so you can't run it in the engine bay. You have to run it under the dash with a custom pedal like this one So what I do know about this ^^^ setup is I can't run the standard holden master because it won't fully compressed all the way so you have to use a shorter wilwood type. This is where I'm stuck I don't know what wilwood to use and what size lines? Was hoping someone may no about all that type of crap. I know I can weld up a bracket.
  3. Ls1 conversion help ( sorry )

    Been through 11 pages of the members rides but can't find the right info on the reverse clutch master still. It sucks its the only thing that has me fu<ked.
  4. I'm trying to find all the info on doing a ls1 conversion to my s13. So far it's all coming together pretty easy but I'm stuck on two things the clutch master and throttle cable. I know the clutch master has to be reversed because it will not clear in the engine bay and that people use a wilwood but what one? I'm looking for someone who has done it before to help me out. I have googled it and looked all over the place but seem to get over run with LHD info from the states. Last thing is what throttle cable do people use. Thanks for reading any help or links would be awesome. PS. I know Daft make one but $450 US plus shipping is a joke if you ask me