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  1. thanks champ, appreciate the info, will be purchasing some chain tomorrow at some point
  2. Thanks for the info mate
  3. Yer i didn't think there would be enough room in there, thanks for the quick responeses, now time to spend some more cashola
  4. Hi all Done some searching on here and cant seem to find any info on weather or not you can put a Double row timing chain into an SR20DET or not ?, if not that's fine and ill just go grab a standard chain but would just like to know as that is my next step Any help is very much appreciated, cheers
  5. G'day all Name is Cameron, 22, from the bush so not a great deal of imports out this way, very passionate about cars, i work as a mechanic on Agriculture machinery and in most of my spare time am working on a car, love hanging with mates and going on long drives, currently fixing up a 180sx, this is the first time i have done anything on an import so any tips or help is always greatly appreciated Anyone out near Dubbo or Narromine send us a pm Look forward to getting to know some of you, Cheers