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  1. Josh's S13 N/A Two tone.

    good work love that 2 tone
  2. 96 Type X 180SX...now S13 Daily

    I bought the uras bar off another member, which was lucky sprayed the same colour as my car. Paid 200 for it. In other news. Car has adjustable rear camber arms and kei office coils now
  3. 96 Type X 180SX...now S13 Daily

    ok it's been a while since my last update here is afew nic naks i added to the car over the past month hope you like them origin canards plastic GTR slat grill Nardi Steering wheel and Vent cup holder Bride Brix 1.5 and s14 front passenger also working out how to fit s14 rear seats but doesnt looks liek it's gonna work Origin Roof Wing for that double spoiler look hope you guys like it
  4. WHO: Sidney AGE: 25 FROM: Knoxs.....land of defects DRIVES: sr20de s13 WORKS AT: Jobless atm HOBBIES: Cars and Fishing....i'm old LOL
  5. lazy eye 180sx

    i pulled out my light swtich and ended up cutting the dark green wire if memory serves correct, then soldering a 3 way switch in so i could go between normal lights and sleepy eyes
  6. 96 Type X 180SX...now S13 Daily

    thanks man i'm actually really happy with it, it;s doing everything i want it too....the bosch springs are a little harsh for daily so might look into that soon but it's cheap on fuel, cheap to insure, insured for more then it should be. and i it doesn't look like all the other s13s out there. i'm actually thinking of passing the aero goodness onto a friend cause i like it the way it is... and if i do some what smash the front end...i won't cry over destroying a front bar which is insanely overpriced
  7. 96 Type X 180SX...now S13 Daily

    Small update... got myself some smoke indicators all round from a friend as we wanted to make his car more factory as well as crystal tail lights on the rear also found these in the garage

    i saw at least 6 or 7 on my first drive past outbound on the way to kfc at the junction
  9. Defected...

    yes, that was the case. when i first received the notice i just looked at the paper work and looked on how long my car could be on the road. i only realised the canary time the next morning when i went to replace the sticker back on the window as it had fall off over night, it was then i realised the times were different. Vic roads actaully told me to go by the paper work, but even in saything that she had to ask her superviser and even then didn't seem very certain
  10. Defected...

    A major defect is any that the inspecting police member believes to be an immediate safety risk. Whereas a minor defect is one that may pose a safety risk in the near future. It is entirely subjective, and ultimately up to the inspecting member whether they issue a major or minor defect. i didn't really havea problem with being defected as i knew my car was to low and i did it and am willing to accept what comes with it, the only thing that really peed me off was the fact that when i looked around to what other people had been getting for the same thing. there was no level of standard in the penality. Why did i get done for major defect, 299 dollar fine and RWC just for height while someone else gets a minor for having a lower car and 9285304580394 mods and holes cut for intercooler. Leaving it up to the inspecting member of the police makes it very open ended. *rant end* BTW question for smokey. when i did get defected....my wonderful yellow sticker said .... car must not be driven from 30 minutes after he stuck it to my window. BUT when he filled it out on the paper work he gave me, it said car must not be driven midnight a week from now. whats the deal with that. Which date do i go by, what the sticker said or what the paper work says?
  11. Defected...

    this all depends on the cop according to vic roads when i got my defect. any car under 100mm in height fromt he lowest point of the car is an instant MAJOR defect. but seeming as most people get minors i guess it's up to the officer... but just check your paper work and the sticker. it should state major or minor defect
  12. Dazza's Drift S13

    i think this was the s13 that had a head on with a green ae86 at winton mid last year
  13. 1989 S13 [First Car]

    i have a set of triple projects spare if your interested [OOo] [oOO] i think you just need some new globes i check them the other day one of the high beam globes is busted
  14. 1989 S13 [First Car]

    being somewhere just under half is normal on the thermo...but then again your thermo stat could be stuffed
  15. 96 Type X 180SX...now S13 Daily

    yeah i know they are fibre glass copies but meh good enough for me as it levels out the car and werent' to pricey darkbringer yeah that is true they will go for the stray but when there are people obviously breaking the law infront of them thats a little od