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  1. thanks for the replies will get back here with anymore progressions
  2. Hey guys bought a car off a mate Bit of background info : bought this car off a friend (1993 S13 Silvia ) knowing he had hit a kerb at around 40-50km/h or something he says and have decided to buy it off him and fix it my self, the car steers to the left and at speeds exceeding 40km/hr the wheel starts wobbling and jumping around. I have taken photos of both the good and the bad side of the wheels for comparison and was thinking if its either a tie rod that needs to be changed with a new LCA? or something not too sure so I've came here to discuss with you guys what parts I need to get it back straight again here are the photos : Good side : Bad side: As you can see some of the parts are moved and bent but not sure what they are any help would be great thanks!
  3. Wtb s13 drivers side guard in good condition and in black urgently thanks!!! Pm me asap