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  1. Incorrect data usage with Telstra?

    Yeah, I've read about that pro-rata shit? But I'm past that initial few days and into the next full month. I rang the other night and after a confusing 30 minute phone call I was assured I'd only used 80mb...but when I check the website or check usage the sms way..says the same thing with huge mb amounts. Going to f**k there shit up today when I get a spare moment. Surely browsing mobile versions of things couldn't rack up that much. And I'll give turning off push notifications a go!
  2. Just posting out of curiosity. Recently signed up to Telstra with the S3. Use the net on my phone a bit at work (cnc..heaps of downtime). Mostly here, blogspot, wordpress or tumblr. All of which have mobile versions. Anyhow..it's claiming..in just doing that, I've somehow used more than half my 5gb in not even 10 days. Yesterday, alone, it's claiming I used 850mb and then 600somethingmb. Watched 1 10min average quality vid in there..the rest browsing. The fug is going on?
  3. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    Like the exhaust. Brand/where'd you get it? Definitely need the fat 15's all around
  4. Latest Offering

    Won't work on whiteline swaybars at all? What about other brands like selby?
  5. Pics of shakotan 15x9 0 off and -10 off comparison?
  6. How far down blackburn rd? Are they past maccas (heading towards freeway) or before (doncaster east/the pines way)?
  7. SR Parts!

    Price of S14/S15 SR20 Rocker Cover Gasket to 3095, cheers
  8. Johnsons baby oil 24/7, 365.
  9. Rock's cheesy bullshit lines were the worst. And heaps of bro-mance and intimate bro-ments between vin and rock. Also needed more car action. Other than that, pretty good.
  10. FABLE 3

    Watched my mate play a bit. Seems pretty good but runs like a dog on xbox..I'd say it'd be better played on a good pc
  11. Quaife Gearbox Kits

    Exactly ^^^^

    Won't be able to make it either. Forgot I'd previously made plans :/. Praying you get good weather boys n girls!!

    Haven't got a pm yet...just wondering if they've been sent or not.

    Name: Mike. Car: Piggo Onevia. Area: Lower Templestowe. Sunday for sure. Should be good.