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  1. Question regarding offset/Wheel fitment (Rota Grid)

    Cheers mate! Yeah I'm not after anything too aggressive. Just wheels that fill out pretty nicely without much unwanted attention from cops and any hassles with hitting the lip when going over bumps/turning etc. Now regarding different wheels and offsets; As long as the wheels are the same sizes e.g. 18x9.5 if they have the same offsets theoretically should they sit in the same position in each car? e.g. if i found a car with a different style of wheel that has good fitment, if there's a wheel from a different brand with the same offset will it sit the same?
  2. Hey guys, regarding this post here: http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=472481 The fitment is pretty much spot on to what I'm after; He states he's running rota grids with the following; Front: 18x8 +28 (with 10mm spacer) Rear: 18x9 +28 (with 8mm spacer) Now I've read with spacers you take it off the original offset to get the new offset amount? Correct? So it'll become +18 front and +20 rear? Although searching i cannot find wheels in those exact sizes. Closest i've found is "18x8.5 ET20 or 25 or 30" and "18x9.5 ET20 or ET30" Does what i did above work? As in changing the offset and not running the spacers? Also punching those numbers into an offset calculator returns saying I guess the second half of my question is looking at the RimTuck website here, this car with similar offsets at 18x9.5 +30 the rear wheels' outside edge will extend an extra 57m which seems like a crazy amount and wouldn't look like the images he posted. It's 4am and I'm nodding off, I'll edit this to make more sense tomorrow. Cheers.