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  1. I have a 1989 Nissan silvia with the ca18det. Seems to be running on three cylinders(cold or hot) Cylinder two isn't firing for some reason. Things I've checked or done: - compression on cylinder two is 120psi - seafoam in the gas tank to try and clean injectors. - injector cleaner in fuel tank as well - added a ground to my alternator. - checked timing and everything is ok. Same a CAS - unplugged ecu and plugged it back in. (Has aftermarket ecu with the usb cord instead of the test lights for checking codes. But plugged into my computer and it didn't do anything.) - it has 660cc injectors not sure how old. - aftermarket disco potato turbo. - tried different coils and plugs. Have spark. Sure there's more but let know what you guys think. Thanks