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  1. 180sx stock VLSD for drifting?

    Thanks everyone! I think I'm just going to buy a cheap diff and weld it! See how I go and if I enjoy driving with it. If I don't like it I'll just chuck back in the vlsd and save for a proper 2-way lsd!
  2. Hey guys, Just purchased a 180sx, it has the standard VLSD in it. I just want to know how it is for drifting? I have done a couple of small slides so far, and it does seem to single peg when going slowly. But that might be because I was going pretty slow, and it only seemed to be singling in the wet? Considering just shimming or welding. Let me know your thoughts guys! Thanks!
  3. Just Jap 'Bride Low Max' Seats

    Ohh sweet! Well I'm like 3' taller and have a sunroof :/ but hopefully should be all good! I may be interested! I'll message you soon about it!
  4. Just Jap 'Bride Low Max' Seats

    I actually got given a Velo seat a while ago that is fixed back! haha, But it is in rough condition and needs to be reupholstered. The thing that stopped me from bothering to reupholster and install is that I was reading into a few posts and people were saying they sit quite high? I'd assume that is with universal rails or something though? I have no idea where to go to get custom rails to be made up? Would I just go to any body shop and get it quoted? (image of seat below)
  5. Hey guys, A couple of quick questions for people who are running the low max seats from Just Jap: 1) How low do they sit compared to factory seats? I need the lowest possible due to being 6"5' and can't fit a helmet while in the factory seats. 2) Are they actually comfortable? And which model would you recommend? 3) Are they compatible with the genuine bride low max rails? Or do the Just Jap ones sit just as low / good quality? Any info would be awesome! Also before people start complaining that I shouldn't get reps, I can't afford the genuine low max Brides and need some new seats soon. Just for skid pan use and need the head room for a helmet
  6. I also just want it to be more comfortable for everyday driving, I won't be tracking it very often.. I would buy a seat later on.
  7. Hey guys, Wondering if it is possible to fit low max rails to stock seats in a s14? I have quite limited head room being 6'5" and in a sunroof model :/ This also makes it impossible for me to fit a helmet for tracks days. So yeah.. curious to see if that is a thing, or if I'll have to make up a custom rail. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey guys, I am new around here and need some help with tyre fitment! I am a complete noob with offsets. I am going to buy these RPF1s. 18X8.5 +30 | 18X9 +35 Does anybody here run them on an s14 and have pictures of the fitment? Or just have any idea about how well they will fit? I am currently running 245/45/18. 9" I think? on my rears. No idea what offset though. My guards are rolled and have plenty of space still. My other options are to drop down to 17s with a way lower offset, Some people that I asked say to try get my offset around +18? But like I said, I am completely new to offsets haha. Hope someone can help Thanks guys! [Edit] I forgot to mention! I am only running king springs No coilovers are fitted.