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  1. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    alternator doesn't seem to be charging the battery?!?!? is there something i need to do with the wiring? any help appreciated
  2. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    cheers i have it on feed i have pulled out the motor and box yet again does any1 know where i can buy a new front bearing retainer for r154??
  3. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    tried to connect dampener and it was like it was blocked or something.are they on the return or feed??
  4. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    so yesterday the car started making a horrible rattling grindy noise that was coming from back of head/flywheel area.then it disapeared and didnt come back.i removed the inspection plates on the box to investigate.pretting sure something is broken,maybe the front bearing retainer???? looks like engine and box out again...........
  5. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    i have a tomei FPR was thinking about the dampener i removed.what does a dampener do?
  6. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    got a fuel rail and installed the injectors.very loud and tappy are they meant to be so loud or are they no good? and unfortunatly haltech tell me the E8 will not run my engine properly so the final piece to my puzzle is a descent ecu and ill be ready for a tune
  7. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    turbo is bigger than suppose to be.pretty syre its a 4088 and will be way to laggy gone back to the gt35 exhaust is finished just need a fuel rail to suit injectors and ill be ready for a tune
  8. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    got some 1200cc bosch injectors and a garret 3788
  9. WTB haltech 1jz non vvti patch loom and e85 compatable injectors asap
  10. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    no the feed to the turbo comes from the top water nech that the top rad hose goes to and return is on the thermostat housing or waterpump.. think it may of been the return for the second turbo,iacv and TB
  11. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    Can i remove the big steel water line that wraps aroumd the rear of the block?? What i can see it is only for heater core which im not using,iacv coolant lines and throttle body coolant lines
  12. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    big single set up all sorted except for wastegate which should be in the mail monday/tuesday Dump pipe need 1 last weld done Haltech wired in just need to fix serial cable which has been cut off........grrr
  13. Haltech interceptor platinum wiring help

    I have just found out that the serial port cable has been cut off the interceptor platinum i got. Having alot of trouble finding another wiring harness.any know where i can find 1? Or a pinout for the plug so i can try fix it? Some1 must have 1 that could kindly write a pinout for me off theirs
  14. highmount twin turbo 1jz s14.5

    damn no worries cheers