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  1. Car alarm.

    Hi guys having trouble with my car alarm. Was at home at the siren just randomly goes off. The siren only turns off when I dis connect my car battery. Please help. It’s a viper car alarm. I also notice that when I installed the viper smart start app on my new phone. When I lock/unlock the car it’s make the chirping noise.
  2. Suspension.

    I'll spend what I have too. Would like something decent on the car. The camber and toe arms I have at the moment have a rubber bush and have split so I'd like to replace. Car is a weekend car, hardly gets driven.
  3. Suspension.

    Just after some recommendations of good brands for camber and toe arms. Thanks.
  4. Rear wheel hubs.

    Thanks for the help and opinions. I'd properly go with new bearings and hubs soften up the suspension as apparently stiff suspension can wear out bearings? I'll end up getting them from taarks. Gonna cost more but I'll feel better knowing that they're geniuin and brand new. Don't really like the the idea of having new bearings on old hubs. Apparently it's best to do both. I have done new bearings on my old hubs. Noise went but then came back after my 2nd drive. Bought second hand bearings and hubs. Didn't fix it. Thanks again
  5. Need help struggling to find a new set of rear wheel hubs for my s14 1998 model. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I'd like to put cams and adjustable cam gears in my sr20. Want it to sound nice and lumpy. what other supporting mods I should do aswell. Thanks.
  7. Recommendations on intercoolers

    Plazmaman is really good. Got it on my s14
  8. Exhaust people are running

    Got the xforce 3"turbo back. Sounds really good.
  9. S14 series 2 6 boost manifold.

    The 6boost manifold comes with new studs
  10. TUNING.

    Victoria, Melbourne Stock ecu.
  11. S14 series 2 6 boost manifold.

    Also. If I change the turbo inlet gasket. Will I need to undo the nuts on the exhaust manifold to the block to help? Thanks.
  12. TUNING.

    Hi. Just wanting to get my s14 tuned. Any recommendations? Not sure who to go with. Thanks.
  13. S14 series 2 6 boost manifold.

    ahh cool thanks mate.
  14. Hi just wondering if anyone is a running a 6 boost manifold on a sr20det. Anyone notice a difference in response etc. are they good. thanks.
  15. In pretty good condition. Need to sika flex the left and right tail light. Right tail light was getting a tiny bit of condensation. $350 Can drop off. Located Victoria, Melbourne.