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  1. Hey there. Question, So I bought a Silvia S13, motor has an S14 SR20DET in it, use to have a ca18 non turbo. Therefore the car has a LA2 mod plate, according to the info on the QLD exemption form I can get an exemption for it but only under as a HPV ( high performance vehicle ) not under as a MPV ( moderate performance vehicle ) because of the engine swap. Does anyone know if this will limit me being able to drive my car at certain times? Thanks
  2. Buying a s13 turbo p plate few questions.

    Huh! No way! I bought this Silvia S13 your asking about, 5 days ago. Car is so smooth, there was a little bit of rust and a few things with the motor that I'm getting fixed up but only small cheap things! Picked her up for 7k. I'm getting my P's as well and rang up QLD Transport and they said I was able to get an exemption even though it is mod plated.